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2 see a lot of you join mag agian...the game is pretty even now c...the domo and raven is on top last i checked

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What happen to that deal...nothing came from it

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Gameplay and online community keeps this game chuging..and you don't have to play


MAG is a online only game how can you rate a game that changes every 2-3 months and gets better...MAG is a AAA if you ever played it ...that and warhawk ...You watch a game truly evolve into something great but you will never see that cause you are a fanboy

edit: 2 after the beta of course its gonna be about ten bucks...and well worth it and intra dicti...

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This game looks like crap compared to Geow, Killzone2 , Uncharted 2 and Bulletstorm..

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Now move support has true potential....

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DMC 4 was on xbox360 and DMC1-3 wernt on dont have to play the other ones...MAss Effect story isnt that complex

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I thought it would sell like 5 million on 360 but it did not so 1 to 3 million on ps3...

edit : im saying okay compared to there exclusives like halo and gears..because i actually would put fable then mass effect as their top wanted games on other systems...but Mass Effect has a multiplatform future now hopefully 3 is goes more RPg like the first one

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Who the fuck doesn't want more nathan Drake....old cole is kinda bland

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no one will buy a 360 for reach.....because they already have one...same excuse you gave for ODST last year and ps3 still beat them in sales

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I have had it since January and its great.....Screw the reviews because they arent always right...this game you gotta give love at least 8 hours to get the feel of it ...But there are plenty of games like that Alan Wake is one also

MAg if you have a ps3 check this game out....the support alone and the community is great also fun

Far as the population goes...around 5-10000 unique plays its just people play sabo and domo alot but the other modes you just have ...

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Horrible never mind the staged looks clunky

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I think most of us like 2013 but graphics haven't leaped enough for us to warrant a new system...even pc games dont look that much better that ps3 and 360..not enough to bring out new game consoles

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It is imagination...till someone with a crazy imagination and a publisher takes a real chance on kinect the games will blow.....Till then it is a leap of faith that game comes but it seems to be a pipe dream....I see the potential in Kinect but the reality is in our face and its an eyetoy..

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this game looked garbage...with kinect on the rails is not the word

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IT is a fun game but the series is Stagnant...but it has hardcore fans but the series dont care its like COD effect but this was the game b4 COD but COD is the King of FPS and Halo is the prince ..

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edit: and yes 360 GOTY because you had such a disappointing year with exclusives such as Alan Wake and Splinter Cell

edit2.....strictly from a review point... Both were solid games that got bad rap sheets.....I know a bit about that with MAG

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No real game are on not saying it can't be done but until we have proof it can be it cant...It will take a lot of imagination cause what we see now dose not warrant a purchase unless you are taking a blind faith leap...

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ps3 has better game and better exclusives and new ips.....what makes a console better....idk.... I mean besides a halo and a GeOW every year there is no real reason to own a 360..unless you talking old games...but who buys a new system for games 4 years old ...

Not trying to sound like a fanboy give me facts...hard facts
360 is a decent system to own still its just going the way of the dinosaur

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but it will be okay...killzone and portal are kinda different and most gamers dont choose one or the other they get both or get one later
also i dont like portal so i dont care... overrated and boring

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This the multi player will be something very special this time around....

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