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but I dont like the monthly fee price......I want a 5-7 dollar price range

edit:44.95 annual fee I would get it then.....

edit2 : ohh yeah nevermind

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Sony , Nintendo , then MS because they only have one High profile(exclusive) release and thats reach but hell it will probably do 6 million...lifetime ....and I know Halo 3 sold more but it didn't have COD to compete with

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they would be able to compete if they actually compete with the price of their MMO ......I think DC MMO should be around 7 buck

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It makes me want to play this game even more....Wen NEED ATL GTA... all the KKK members and republicans....well they are the same thing....i kid

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U should really have to pay to see another day right........I never will understand how people think its okay to put a price on life but not to abort babies... that s FOX news ....Slavery ????you are probably some white buy who just likes to say out the way bullshit...

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this gen.....with the char creator and all

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that is actually online with 4 player co op.....would be great

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But dont delude yourself and act like its the next thing in gaming....when its been done before....thats the problem i have with COD and halo....Black far nothing different ...get 7 kills and let your harrier do the rest...halo just added some COD feature which does spice up the game play but its still Halo i was in the beta

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this site gave all the xbox faboys bubbles....

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But it ruined the psp and made the xbox numbe it has its ups and downs

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IT will be Kingdome Hearts 3

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is the only reason MS is ahead of them....far as nintendo goes who knows what would have happen

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ODST was clearly DLC...this is and has been a great game...

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to be at war with anyone at anytime.... just by labeling them a terrorist... Patriot ACT

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and its been hacked for your point is not valid....its not pirates who ruin game sales its publishers with there half ass games and overpriced games

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and Screw this country...the right and left are killing this country(big Business) and you can't revolt without being a terrorist...

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I can get them not putting reach up there but not GT5....cause reach is nothing more then a rehash

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No one ...psp just needs a price drop to bring life into it..its not dead just dying

lol 3ds graphics a generation ahead ...year right i know the big N pretty well and the graphics will be about psp graphics and the psp shares games with the Wii

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would but a launch MS system agian

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