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The Frostbite Engine is also gonna tear a hole in some PC's as well especially at 1440p 1600p and the Glorious 4k.

Frostbite is the best game engine right now.

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Dice has the best and most dynamic game engine running a very complex game in Star Wars Battlefront 3. The PS4 can only do so much and as with Bf4 also on the Frostbite Engine the PS4 is maxed.

*complex as far as physics number of gamers hit detection map sizes destruction etc..

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The Glorious Pc Gaming Master Race!

Why AAA games sale more on console than PC?
Because most AAA games are Console style games but games that pc players like like Skyrim and BF4 did over 10 million on the pc.

Oh and League of Legends has 70 million players worldwide.
Most AAA PC Exclusives are played for years and generate more revenue in their life time than any Console Exclusive.

that chart shows pc software games vs console...

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Dx12 will be the api that allows this generation of video cards and cpus to finally reach some of their potential instead of being bogged down by bad code like that garbage dx10.

Dx11 is good but cpus/gpu's evolved faster than the software.

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Kinda reminded me of G.I.JOE wearing the suits in the streets of Paris.

Other than that Great Graphics and I'm excited for Halo 5.

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Looks pretty good. Kinda like Rise of Nations once you reach the I. T. and Oil stage.

Makes me sigh as I still want command and Conquer on the Frostbite Engine.

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Looks like it's time to exit warp and jump ship.

Lots of modules to come but at $200 US dollars I rather spend that on another StarCitizen ship.

Your Elite Dangerous lifetime pass is paying to make Elite Dangerous devs to make Elite Dangerous like what StarCitizen is gonna be on its first expansion.

Space Sim, all planets exploration, planet vehicles, fps, endless and expanding Galaxy, OH and space stations.

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Dude no other game in the history of gaming has given you as much free content as Guild Wars 2 has and now the core game is free with only the expansion costing $50.

So much free content that they could charge $15 a month and you still would feel like you are robbing them.

New content every two weeks for 3 years plus the living story.

ArenaNet are masters of free content and $100 is nothing compared to how much free stuff you get in return. ...

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4k is the new deal. 1080p just doesn't cut it anymore except for cell phones.

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StarCitizen is using a modified and more advanced version of the CryEngine which allows rich details and real life physics.

Weak PC's are not gonna cut it on ultra settings. Mid and high will see great framerates.

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I call bullshot! I can't think of 84 players better than Kobe!

Kobe is top 5 all time and easily top ten in this league at his age.

A die hard Laker fan.

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Playing San Andreas on my Android.

Who says cell phone games suck lol

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Who did they poll? 10 year Olds just now playing their older siblings hand me down consoles.

(ok Zelda ocarina of time is LEGIT)

Look we all have our own opinion of greatest game ever so for me Half Life 2 Stalker and Doom are it.

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Yeh a crappy and COD like Elder Scroll every year.

Perks, glitch in, poor net code, Mt.Dew endorsement and Eminem doing the theme song. Oh and day 1 buyers being the beta testers.

Take your time. Skyrim moved over 10 million pc units but that's not gonna happen with Lame yearly releases.

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2016 all haters and naysayers will bow down to the all mighty StarCitizen.

Barely 4 years of proper Dev time so what is the rush for a game a million times bigger than the entire GTA series.

Remember it's a MMO a Fps a Space Sim with heavy Rpg elements along side a perpetual Galaxy with exploration of planets. oh and realistic physics like Zero G combat so just how long is something like this suppose to take as it gets developed on an advanced version of...

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I look at all the platforms minus their exclusives and I'm left only playing Battlefield 4.

I can't even add GTAV because the PC mods (Iron Man Hulk Buster) really set things apart.

Exclusives really set the tone for why you choose your platform.

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Ok mechanics aside, (total war or Warhammer doesn't matter as both are fine) I'm more interested in the story and especially the dialogue.

Warhammer has rich and deep dialogue that is very serious and unmatched by any game. The way Chaos and Mankind along with a few others speak is almost shakespearian.

Well maybe not that deep but better than others so I hope they uphold the good voice acting.

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Ok if you are not old enough to have a driver's license and or have never driven a car in the rain then your opinion is strictly fanboyism.

Project Cars rain looks better by a country mile. In motion the rain runs up the windshield just like in real life.

I did not see that properly done on Driveclub.

End of story

Oh wait looks better, not more realistic?

Oh big pretty Hollywood rain drops well then Driv...

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Your complaints sound like most Pc games day 1. I'm sure a patch will clear all that up.

I will check it out as Joe and He Man are great cartoons.

"this I command" - Serpentor

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Still easier to buy a mid range gaming laptop.

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