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yea.. its true.. I havent played my ps3 for a MINUTE, but as soon as dem servers come back up imma start again. I jus been real busy with things... know what i mean?.. jail & shit... but im back!!!!!!

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Reading this, right here, right now, I can only wonder... How do the 360 fanboys feel after reading something like this?

We are all gamers here, and we all have some type of economical responsibility. And none of us are trying to spend more money than we need to.

So to hear something like this come from the MS camp, how would you respond to it as a 360 fanboy? I'm curious. Cause I've read through most of the posts here and not 1 of them sound like they where written ...

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The developers can make all the "premium" demos they want... I won't be buying SH*T.

This news is only relevant to the dumb-asses that will be wasting their money on them.

I'm far too grown-up and intelligent to be peer-pressured into even buying DLC... Premium demos? Hehe... What a joke.

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Ahh man!!! You completely owned that guy!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

I hadda give you bubbles

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I agree... Im sure that those who actually read my posts have already acknowledged my position as a fan of the PS3 and a hater of the 360, but even I gotta say that this is completely ridiculous.

A real man keeps it real, and the truth is that the 360 has nothing to do with FF13s linearity. That is all completely 100% Square Enix's bad game design. 360 or not, the FF13 you see today is the game that Square Enix wanted to make. Point blank.

Now, if you wanna talk abou...

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I swear I feel like 90% of you guys still havent grown a brain... No offense, but the members of this site must be mostly immature kids, or mostly stupid. Or both.

Why all the wondering and the speculation? The article says that SE was talking about the NEXT generation of consoles. As in not PS3 or atleast certainly not the 360. As in, if yalls logic was right, you wouldnt see the remake for another 5-6 years, cause I dont see the next PlayStation being released before then. I ho...

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like this concept art A LOT. It looks nice and slick.

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...and the only thing it has over the PSN is the cross game chat and invite... And if Sony where to try to charge me for these two features, I wouldnt pay a cent. I'd rather go without them.

With that said, depending on what else this Premium service brings, I might or might not decide to get it.

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F*CK!!!! It's a trap! I got caught man... that hiphopgamer clown cleverly put that picture of Assassins creed on the front. I didnt bother to see who published it until after i saw his face pop up after the advertisement. i was like WTF!?!?!?!?!?

F*ck Square Enix... That's my new sig...

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F*CK!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?! WITH AWESOME LYRICS LIKE "I put on my make-up"?????? WHAT THE HELL!!!!!



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The only track I heard in FF10 that even deserves to be MENTIONED in the same sentence as Nobuo Uematsu is the main theme To Zanarkand. Oh, hold on, wait a minute... TO ZANARKAND WAS COMPOSED BY NOBUO UEMATSU. Other than that, most other pieces are mediocre at best. ALL of Uematsu's work completely DESTROYS anything Hamauzu could even DREAM of composing. That man has a gift. You can give him MIDI and he can make it sound like a full fledged orchestra. Hamauzu still needs more practice if he a...

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...the OS on the snapshots is set to the Portuguese language. Im only an amateur Portuguese speaker myself, but Im perfectly fluent in both Spanish and French, and it's definitely neither of those...

My question is, if it was REALLY meant to be posted on the UK site EVENTUALLY, some time in the future, why the hell would the PS3 used to take these snapshots have the OS language set to Portuguese!?!?!?!? It would've definitely have been in English... Something fishy's going on her...

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So you're trying to tell me that Ward settled for a much more modest budget from Activision than the "rediculous" one that was first offered and these clowns STILL managed to find a reason or excuse to over-price the damn game!?!?!?!?!? Unbelievable...

I honestly dont get it... I was under the impression that a bigger budget would've resulted in the higher price...

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1 thing I DID notice (and LOVED) was that the gear in the background is actually a CLOCK... That makes this theme a def. must buy for me. Lol. I hope to see other themes with clocks on them and other similar little things like that.

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I barely EVER even write anything... I mostly just read... But this was just too hilarious to not express how I feel about tech wizard's impressive move.

WIIIS1... U better say touche...

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umm... I really dont wanna sound like a d*ck-head or a show-off prick or something but, honestly im currently banging some chick who i'd bet that every single one of you guys on here would agree that she looks a hell of a lot better than Olivia Munn. Olivia Munn is average. She isnt bad looking, but definitely not "fine".

Now, that Layla? She's something else... She's definitely fine. Wine fine down da line wish she was mine momma whats your name and sign fresher than p...

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What I would REALLY like to see implemented after this is an option to have a DEFAULT chatroom and a little window on the bottom left corner like in HOME and MMORPGs that show the chatroom progress while your ingame and actually playing the game you can just look down and read what people in that chatroom are writing. Even if you cant respond to it because the control will be reserved for the game... :(

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What a slap in the fukin face!!!!

Microsoft knows they fuked up. Hard-ware wise. The whole spectrum. They rushed to come out before Sony and came out with a bunch of dated a(and faulty) hardware.

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269 inches of non-HD... what a waste. hook up a PS3 to that bad boy with a HDMI.

On another note, could yall imagine an 269-inch RROD screen?

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Im seriously speechless... I bought LittleBigPlanet... It was pretty good... But THIS? THIS just shows me the real DIRECTION of where it's headed. All of a sudden im actually EXCITED about LittleBigPLanet. GUNS????? WHAT!?!?!? This game keeps getting BETTER and BETTER. Next thing you know they'll add liquids to it. They can literally add ANYTHING they want to the game. And you know they will, cause its a way for them to make WAY more cash than they normally would've. It benefits both. But Im ...

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