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"With every new console, the processor and graphics get better, which is, of course, compelling, but also needs a special appeal. We have already revealed that the adoption of SSDs (for storage storage) Yes, it's a big change to have almost no game load.

If you experience 3D audio and tactile feedback controllers, you'll notice that it's an amazing change. Just playing the racing game "Gran Turismo Sport" with the PS5 controller is completely diff...

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I preferred Heavy Rain, but Beyond was more refined. My only real regret was that Beyond really set up to have an great sequel which obviously isn't coming. A more horror themed Beyond 2 would have been awesome.

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They should announce players and count everyone who has PS+ be like Microsoft and multi-count so they can claim ridiculous numbers.

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This may be unpopular, not sure. But I would love a open world Killzone like some kind of cross between Fallout, Stalker, and Metal Gear. Give it a next gen reboot.

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Milking the fan base.

Either way I think it's extremely unlikely that Microsoft would release yet another console so soon after the X which honestly hasn't done anything to increase their market share.

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"We line in a society where people don't want to wait everyone wants it now "

Microsoft could release the next gen xbox tomorrow with 20TF and I would still wait for the next PlayStation.

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Most people would call those celebrities stupid too...

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A game with 100 developers is nothing special. The only thing RSI is doing that's unique is running a perpetual beta with extremely overpriced backer items that prey on people.

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You couldn't pay me to play WoW but sounds like a move in the right direction.

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Really looking forward to this game.

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Ya know... you might be surprised to find out that toxic gamers are actually the minority and it's far more likely that having a less toxic community actually beings in more players.

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How about instead of everyone else having to mute themselves how about we just mute you.

Seems a lot easier that way.

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Any time any authority stops any action that's bad?

I guess when the government stops people from being able to break into your house or shoot you that's thought control too right?

Civilized society needs to have rules and boundaries or else we'll be back to living like animals.

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You think allowing people to use slurs is going to become someone's marketing slogan?

Yea I can see it now on channel 4 "In our online game you can call people n's and c's and b's!" Sorry but no TV station in the world is going to run that ad on their channel.

Any game like that will be relegated to the slums of Steam with all the other games that try to be edgy and offensive and try to sell on shock.

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Wow, that looks pretty awesome. I wish you had put the trailer in the article though I had to click through your links to find it.

Man Bandai/Namco has just been smashing it this gen they have brought over so many cool Japanese games.

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I have never called anyone a Nazi. I even Google site searched myself.

But keep playing the victim, your pro tier at that.

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Who cares... if it's that big of a deal just don't buy it.

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Maybe it's the other way around and it's a hot button issue because certain people are intolerant and complain instead of either just playing the games and getting over it or just not buying the games.

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