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I love the DICK JONES reference!!

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I am interested in the game but I have seen quite a few people (gamers and media) that seem to be getting ahead of themselves with this game. I am seeing GOTY before it even comes out.

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I have not read the review. If he took points off for this then I cant take anything they say seriously.

A shit load of games have characters that dont reflect the race of the creators.

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I liked the game but the trailer did raise expectations of what it was going to be.

Trailer - Awesome

Full Game - Emm It was OK to Decent.

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You play as a singular character there is no family involved at all in the game. Still a stand out trailer that I remember clearly from years ago.

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LOL I thought something similar. We cant even get the current gen at decent prices or at all without some effort to find one.

I will keep using my 1080 TI works just fine!

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As soon as I got to the OPEN world part and saw the Far Cry type liberating areas I let out a sigh (I dont think I care to play this anymore)

Also you can tell the open world was set up for co-op which is missing of course. Glad I did not drop $60 on this.

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So in less then a week they (whoever that is) gave up on Battlefield 2042 before it even officially launches on the 19th.

Games will sell for years on end they dont give up on games less then a week LMAO how old are you?

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It is indeed a clickbait article. Both games can exist. It is not like BF fans are going to stop play BF because Halo came out and vice versa. Or I dont know people can play both. Especially being that one is free to play.

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And what is the problem with that??

I can play and enjoy it and not spend a dime. There is a small percentage of those who play who will spend money to supplement the many like myself who choose not to spend money.

Also the goal of a business is to make money. As much as possible for as long as possible. But I am sure you already know that.

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I do have adult friends who after every match of Apex Legends are checking the daily unlocks or whatever they are called. I am dude can we get into the next match please!!!

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Damn they even took the time to make the brake fluid move around.

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The only problem I can say I have with the game is how the game handles getting a wanted level. I can encounter a total stranger that shoots me first I defend myself and kill him and I get a wanted level.

I also encounter 3 O'Driscolls outside the saloon in Valentine. We exchange words one grabs me off the horse. I run and bump into another person who starts fighting me. I run because I know as soon as I start shooting the law is coming after ME. I end up killing the 3 ...

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I actually watched IGNs review for this game. Sucks that the reviewer looks to have copied someone else review. SHADY!!

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The amount of bullets it takes to down ONE player is a huge turn off!! I will pass this year.

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I remember the day when EA got the exclusive NFL license (2005ish). And basically killed ALL other NFL video games. Sad day indeed.

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I stopped playing Madden many years ago when NFL2K was really doing tons of things Madden to this day has not done. Once EA got the license it was a wrap...I think I have purchased ONE madden game since 2005.

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She was a 10 in the game but a 7 in the real world?

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I look at WAR mode (CODWW2) compared to Operations (BF1)

If any dev was going to do a large scale BR mode better I would bet on DICE. I just dont see a COD dev pulling off a larger player count mode. I could be wrong but COD has always been small scale. Small player counts small ass maps lol.

But now the dev is saying they going to do it better then existing games that revolve around BR and is not just a MODE.

We shall see, I hope it t...

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Was with you until you called PUBG appalling. To each his own.

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