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Some advice. Just always wait for SkillUps reviews, the dude is the only voice in game reviews I trust. Oh yeah, and don't preorder games.

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Definitely get one. Try a thrustmaster 300.

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Have you noticed that the facial animations aren't nearly as fluid or natural as the recent RE games, seems like they're using different tech for faces.

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Game has been out for almost a year, broken aim assist, no mouse and keyboard support on console, playing against PC players. Bravo

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Couple down votes for ventilation. Seems these people really want foggy lenses?

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Honestly, bf2042 is done. There's no saving it. I just hope the game will be a decent return to form.

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Your work was already done with bf3 and bf4, all you had to do was build and improve on what already existed. Utter incompetence.

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That's some imaginative naming right there.

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Holy Moly you are so desperate and pathetic.

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My mouse aim issue is that I can't plug a mouse into my Xbox and compete with PC player, I'm forced to play with some of the worst controller aiming mechanics against these insanely cracked kids that play each game like an mlg final. Yes I'm a filthy casual

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I agree, only if you cater your game around the GPU power and bandwidth, which is they did with this game because it's result of the Xbox one era. So they made design choices so that the crappy CPU of the old gen wouldn't be the bottleneck. So it would make sense that the GPU processes like resolution would be expressed in the one X's favor, and the advantage of CPU in the series s wouldn't be as obvious.

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If you don't like it. Don't buy it.

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Yeah yeah yeah...

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There's a lot of 'Mays' in that title, seems just like speculation. It may be the best game ever made, it may be the worst game ever made, it may feature a trans protagonist and takes place in a subterranean utopian cave network ruled by a totalitarian regime.

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I think as we get older we put a bigger emphasis on convenience, because free time becomes less as we take on more responsibility. As a lifetime gamer in my thirties now, I can't express how lovely it is to boot up my Xbox or playstation, when getting home from work and the game I purchased is preinstalled and waiting to be played. I do miss aspects of PC gaming from my younger years, such as the tweaking and tinkering. But in my case, the immediacy of games availability and playability o...

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Holy crap. I honestly think Sony and Microsoft should handle this the same as cyberpunk, refunds, no questions asked.

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She has like a 2 meter vertical leap. Impressive

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