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It may all depend on how the developer implements the trophy system? All I know is the only game I want to play right now is Heavy Rain and I can not because of the Trophy system. You would think it would be mandatory for all games to have the trophy system be able to work offline then when you reconnect it syncs all that you have earned.

On the plus side it did get me to play the God of War III demo. Never played the first ones, so I may be picking up those sometime soon. Th...

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I'm looking forward to this game. Loved the ones on the PC, and to now play it on my home theater setup is going to kick ass. Will it be the greatest game? Probably not, but it should be pretty entertaining. Hell I think I am looking forward to the single player modes, then the multiplayer part of it. This is one franchise that could be developed a hell of a lot more then what it has been done for it.

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Here is what I don't get. Why take this option away at all? I think if your in a game playing with friends on a party chat or private chat why not set it up so if a player gets killed then their mic is muted while they are waiting to respawn. This I believe will add more realism to the game since after all dead men tell no tales. If the developers (Yes, Developers, not MS) are going to take away the private or party chat on certain games, then I hope they give us the ability to mute annoy...

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Well as someone who has had to repair one 4 times (it never cost me a dime at all, and the last one that RROD was replaced with a new one) I can say I will buy another if this one breaks. For one thing my game library is just to big to get rid of. You do not get enough on trade ins to make it worth while, and I do not feel like selling games off one by one Plus the system has some excellent games to play through a. Second I have a good group of friends that I play online with, and that ta...

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I would only say that if it was intended only to come out on the 360. The fact that the game was to come out on 2 previous platforms just shows how ambitious it was going to be. Overall I liked the storyline and look of the game. Gameplay wasn't bad, but after playing Eternal Darkness I felt like that SK dropped the ball on that. It just did not feel as smooth as it could have been. Since it is a trilogy I do hope the other games make it out just to see where they were going to go with i...

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Mine is still kicking. I've been using the hell out of it too. What I find interesting was at the time it came out it had more features then the iPod. Sound wise I do not care about since I use ear buds and if I really want to listen to music I do it at home in a good environment. When I'm out and about it's all good if it blocks out the other noise.

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Still loving my Zune 30 but the Zune HD has my attention. I think what will be key is the pricing on this. MS has an up hill battle since Apple knows how to Market the iPod, but it is intriguing to see how the Zune HD is going to interact with Xbox Live.

As for Apple buying EA, I am not sure if we need a 4th company making systems. I wouldn't be surprised if MS doesn't make an attempt and convert most of EA's games over to exclusive ones for the X720. What would be interestin...

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I always thought that this franchise (for lack of a better word) should be taken advantage more. There is a ton of material for games to be made. I'm looking forward to this game, and I loved the earlier versions AVP2 was awesome. Hell I would like to see an MMORPG done with the Aliens vs Predator setting, especially if you can play one of the three races and travel from world to work fighting against each other.

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@18.1 Ok so it looks like I may be playing it on my 360 first after all. Still either way it's nice having both consoles so I can play any game I want and not have to worry about it coming out on something else.

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ahhh the benefits of supporting both consoles. Looks like I'll be playing this on my PS3 first, then will give the 360 version a spin when it comes out.

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Half life. If it wasn't for that game then FPS would not be where they are today.

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Better yet if you can find the Buffalo wireless Ethernet converter then get that. I picked that up for $59 and have my 360 hooked into that. What is nice about it is that it has 4 ports so I was able to hook up my Denon 3808CI, 360, HD DVD player, and my Direct TV HDVR to it. I have had no issues playing on Xbox live with it. Probably one of the best pieces of equipment I have gotten.

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The controls of the game are not to bad. I got the game a few days ago and overall I am fairly happy with it (graphics are gorgeous). I do wish though that they will allow the user to customize which button does what. Going through all the preset button configurations still does not give me enough options. I'll blame Call of Duty: World at War on that since I am so used to that configuration. I still wonder how much better I could play if I could use my 360 controller instead my Dualshoc...

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I'll skip the reviews on this game and clear out the queue on gamelfly and pick it up that way. I never played the first one, so I'm new to this series. I Just wished someone would make a 360 controller for the PS3. I still like that controller better (probably because I have been playing longer on it) for FPS games then the PS3 controller. Graphics look incredible for the game and hopefully the game play is good.

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I'm still playing the game and having the DLC come out now is no problem by me. I'd have no problem if developers were to add substantialy sized DLC to games every 6 months or so for around 800 MS points. My only gripe is MS needs to really lower the prices on the HDD. If games keep coming out with DLC my pathetic 20Gig HDD will not have enough room to keep adding stuff. I really hate the prices of the HDD right now especially knowing you can get a much bigger HDD from Newegg for less.

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I know the list mostly PC games. I always thought Eternal Darkness should be on a list like that. There was some good stuff in that game. Only thing holding it back was it being released only on Nintendo.

I have been playing Dead Space and like Condemned it makes good use of your surround sound to scare the crap out of you at times.

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Looking forward to this game. I've been trying to stay away from articles on it since I do not want any major spoilers. Atlas I couldn't resist this article. Now I'm wishing November would hurry up and get here!

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No free points on my account. Undertow was pretty fun to play.

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The demo put my fears to rest on the purchase of the game. The single mission was engaging enough with Champion class then being able to play the other classes to see the difference in game play sealed the deal for me. The graphics were better then I thought and I liked the different aspects of the choices you could make on your skills. The various weapons will be fun to use too. The controls were fairly easy to get used too after about 5 minutes and the camera system is not all that bad....

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Regardless how long it takes (more like 5 minutes and 24 seconds) the game is going to be awesome. I already beat it on the 360, but I will probably give it a rent on the PS3 and see how it plays out on there. I think it may be finally time to get a new controller with Dual Shock.

Bioshock was very hard to put down. This time through on the PS3 I will play it through to go with the other ending.

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