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Who cares why not?

If this emulator is solid it would fit the bill of Microsoft's latest console. Especially with Windows 10. Why does that not make any sense?

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I'm hoping something like this comes to the Xbox One. The 360 has gotten better with age.

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I honestly wouldn't have been pissed if they didn't include CE Anniversary graphics and only Halo 2 were remastered. 1080p/60FPS is all the games could have needed. It wouldn't have launched as broken as it had been that way.

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It blows my mind how many people thought Nintendo wouldn't make the jump.

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Lol I got a disagree for this. I should glorify the fourteen year old's who don't play GTA Online for fun...

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Halo is still a thing.

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Considering your typical random scrubs on GTA Online, invincible cars is somewhat of a blessing as it is a curse...

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This could very well solidify their place in the generation. Free Halo multiplayer? Yeeeees. I just prefer a controller pad, is all.

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It's the way of business pal.

The roads of commercial progress is met with self-inflating success, and humbling failure. You don't boost your ego without getting kicked in the gut a few times down the road.

Fez' developer for example. You're never special to the point of superiority.

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I have a feeling MKX is hinting towards a refined/remake of Mortal Kombat, Subzero Mythologies.

Again, kudos for having the best Raiden outfit included with this teaser.

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Seeing MK1 Raiden in this is just.... YES.

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People like her make me want to jump into a portal back to 2004.


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I've watched gameplay from Hitgod 47 and I've got to say, Absolution should have just cut/pasted the gameplay mechanics from Blood Money... It freaking sucks that HMA had stiffer exploration.

Throwing bodies seems fun lol.

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I first played Hitman: Absolution as my start in the series... But picking up Contracts, I feel Contracts was a lot better in several ways. Silent Assassin and Contracts are the most dynamic in the series.

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...I never even said anything against this mod, and I've loved what ICE Enhancer had done for the GTA IV modding community. I'd love to be a part of the community whenever I do get a gaming-ready laptop.

I'm sorry to whom ever thought I was pandering to any side of this f*cking ridiculous consol/PC war. I play games not argue about which platform is superior, lol Christ...

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Oh my god GTA V can't come to PC soon enough...

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Because we expected the same out of Atari, Mattel, Coleco, Sega, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, etc., etc.

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The Vita is still going to be supported. It's a powerful machine with a lot of untapped potential. Built like a proper gaming tablet.

Basically this is a doom and gloom article.

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We get it you hate Microsoft but here's the thing:

Not everyone gives a damn.

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Well it is a cheesy advertisement.

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