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They've already shown it, they've been showing it every Nov since COD 4. Why don't wake up instead buying into what they tell you every Nov ? And last I checked the Article is questioning people if they're excited for Ghosts and my answer to that question is that I'm more excited about a kidney stone. See that's how it works, who ever wrote this article asked a question, I gave an answer.

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Lol, nicely played brah!

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More exited for my next kidney stone to have me pissing blood, and taking MW3's engine and tweaking it is not a " New " engine. When you dopes gonna wake the eff up ? They've been pulling this crap since COD 4. " Ooooh but they gonna have a new engine this year, they wouldn't lie to us " you guys are pathetic.

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BF4 vs MW3.5 ?

BF4 TKO's MW3.5 in the 4th and it will be a technical knockout with BF4's Beastly Frostbite 3.0 vs COD and their so called "New Engine"

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Let's use that thing called logic kids, Will Ghosts (MW3.5) be a 360 Nextbox exclusive ? .01% chance that it will be. So what advantage will MS have ? not graphical even though you can bet your last dime that Infinity Ward will sure as hell gimp the PS3 and PS4 ports. So what do you have left in terms of advantage ? timed DLC. Whoooo, I'm sure Sony is shaking in their boots.

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Be prepared to be disappointed.

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Infinity Ward -
" Hey everybody we got a brand spanking new engine for Ghosts this November ! It's gonna be great ! The story takes place in the future and everything ! "

Gamer -
" Cool, but why doe the characters, guns and settings look straight out of MW2 ?

Infinity Ward -
" Oh..............that's cuz due to this crazy plot twist, they're still kinda in MW2. Crazy plot twist, Yo, it'll blow you...

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There is almost no chance there'll be an actual NEW engine and i say NEW because im sure theyll call it that, the reality is it will be the MW3 engine with added lighting and other effects here and there. Honestly people they've been saying its a new game every November. If you love the game, no big deal you enjoy its fun whatever. Just stop making excuses for Activision's laziness.

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New Engine confirmed ? Link or its BS, and i mean actual confirmation link, not a link to some article speculating on a rumor.

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So what a mech based COD that might be good the first year then turn into a yearly turd ? No thanks.

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Looks hot, not feeling the Sci Fi, Halo look. Always liked the grimey decayed, industrial look better.

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Oooh im sorry Bobby, we forgot you make millions of this Doodie every November. But last i checked were still allowed to express our opinions. New engine ? Im Calling mega BS, same old engine with some improvements, more than likely.

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They won't cuz there no need to, long as all the Beiber fans line up every year to buy it. Far as all you guys thinking theyre gonna put a new engine in that tired shell of a game, guess again. Yea theyll give it a new coat of paint and wheels and throw in a little tree of new car smell but they aint fooling anybody. Least not anybody whos nutz have dropped.

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Fo real though.

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Well at least he not spending it on stupid crap like dedicated servers. Least he could do is blow a couple bucks and get a Weave or Jerry Curl. Cuz that 70's style mini fro you rocki'n, shit's tired Bobby. Straight up.

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Custom graphics on cars period.

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Depends, another COD with same tired ass engine, gameplay, static plywood painted movie set environments to start of the next gen ?.... Hellz no. Im not saying they need to go all BF4 (they prob couldnt if they wanted) but a brand NEW engine is what it needs. Not some spiced up MW3 engine like they always do. BRAND SPANKING NEW. And would it kill them to add some sort of destruction ? Im not talking about glass windows, red barrels and the white 80's pick up truck. I mean being able to ta...

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All these people talking bout ruined the surprise, what damn surprise ? Nobody knew there was another Doodie game coming this fall ?

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Lol, apparantly DDR3 Memory is better than DDR5. Only in fanboyland.

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I remember when they killed TF2 servers for consoles. Sombitches.

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