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Same. One of the very rare games I completed more than once (along with Bioshock and Dark Souls).

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Incredible graphics. Cringe story.

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@fan_of_gaming Ah, good call. Thanks!

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First 8 hours aren’t good but it gets better

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Agreed but for those of us with multiple consoles, I’d love to see this list for games truly STRANDED on PS3. Might be wrong but I think it’s just LBP2 and MGS4 from this list. I can play everything else on PS4, PC or Xbox. Doesn’t mean the writer is wrong, just stating my preference as Spartacus approaches

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Honestly strange that you have 50/50 up/down. I’m guessing the down voters still have a hate boner and haven’t tried the game post-update

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Agreed. +Wii Sports and Oblivion.

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Literally just finished the Wii remake on WIIU a couple of days ago. Lol. But stoked for the remake of the sequel. Been over a decade since I played that

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@ziggurcat Bro, MS paid 10s of millions of dollars for a majority stake in Bungie in 2006. That is a legal acquisition that Microsoft would need to voluntarily give up, which they did. You have been tricked by PR spin. Sorry!

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@ziggurcat LOL at the people who don’t understand corporate structure. MS literally OWNED Bungie. They can’t just bounce whenever they want because they’re unhappy, no matter what PR spin you read at the time.

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@Magog That’s not how it works. Devs can’t just leave their parent companies. MS didn’t want them anymore for some reason... so they felt it was better for their bottom line to let them go. Same with Acti. Why would BOTH mega-corps want to detach from such a supposedly excellent dev? Hmmmm.........

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Bungie? The team Microsoft didn’t want anymore so they gave them to Activision? The team Activision didn’t want anymore so they released them from contract? That Bungie? Cool cool cool cool cool.

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I am SO LUCKY I made it to Japan months before the lockdowns. Thank you, God, for granting this wish before it was too late.

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