PS4 the King !


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3G and 4G aren't the future for handheld consoles ...
You can't even play online, that's useless.

And to navigate on Internet, everyone has a good smartphone.

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Oh I didn't know, that's a MMORPG ... bad

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Maybe "Buy a PS3 version and you'll get a free PS4 version"

That would be awesome this kind of offers :P

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3 more days now, so exciting :P

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Nice for PS3 and Ni no Kuni.

This games surpasses 500k, that's pretty good :)

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Love this kind of ads, it shows that the war for next-gen begins :P

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Nice for Ni no Kuni even if I hope more but that's quite well for a kind of games which sell normally not high.

Too bad for DmC 'cause it's a good reboot, the game is pretty good.

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At least, Sony will have always a exit door with Gaikai if the market of home consoles die.

Maybe the future of video-game is this kind of online gaming or maybe not but if it happens, Sony will be ready :)

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I hope PS3 will release fall 2013 in Europe !

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Hello Captain Obvious

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And 2008 too with MGS4, LBP, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Naruto : Ultimate Ninja Storm, Valkyria Chronicles, Siren: Blood Curse (and Resistance 2)

That was the the first great year of PS3

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Neither do I, GTA V will be awesome and to able to play with 3 characters differents just switching is pretty cool !

I understand the delay the game even if I was pretty sad ^^

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USA weekly chart is useless, a news for Worldwide weekly chart has more sense

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GT5 has 9,2M héhé :)

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Home consoles are the best, AAA blockbusters and indie games will be always on real consoles !

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Ready too :P

PS: Playstation Home still exists ? :O

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The original game should have been like this.
I won't buy this "update"

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Jack 3,5
New D-Pad (good improvement)
New stick (good too)
Touch screen (can be useful for navigation on internet)

I hope L2/R2 have been modified too :)

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It looks like cheap on the pic, like a prototype, I hope it'll be improved :P

But I like the new improvements like the sticks, the cross, the jack 3,5 and maybe a micro.
I hope L2/R2 have been modified too :)

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"See the Future" and now "The Playstation Evolution"

That's clearly the announcement of the PS4 the 20th February :P

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