PS4 the King !


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" the Disrupt engine won’t be facing such issues like all previous Ubisoft engines "

" this is a brand new engine " ; " it is not based on the AnvilNext engine "

Good news !

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Impressive, day one for me :P

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+ Yoshida (CEO Sony WW) said it won't happen

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And many more to come to PS3 !

Day one + demo of The Last of Us :P

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PS3 up, on top of home console as usual

Wii U down

VITA above Wii U, lol

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I wait for a price cut in Europe to buy a VITA, c'mon Sony :P

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Thanks, I am gonna DL it :P

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It releases 1st may in Europe :)

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Big jump for GeOW !

Go God of War and The Last of Us !!

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I don't care about Destiny and the DLC exclusive for PS4 ...

DLC exclusive (thing useless) and timed exclusive are USELESS for industry of video game ... That is a waste of money ...

I have both consoles (PS3/360) and I don't like this kind of deal ...

But at least, Sony invest in new IPs so it doesn't matter.

MS just does this kind of deal, where are exclusive games ?
50 millions $ for GTA add-on ? How mi...

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DLC exclusive LOL
Timed exclusives LOL

It's too hard for MS to invest into new IPs instead of wasting their money ?

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Game length similar to GOW and GOW2, that sounds good for me !

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With a release 1 year before PS4/Xbox 3, it would be normal to see that.

Wii U has no games because Nintendo wanted to release before and not confront against PS4/Xbox.
Wii U will have big IP fall 2013/early 2014, when PS4/Xbox 3 will just release, after a big desert.

And maybe, there will be a price cut for Wii U when PS4/Xbox will release at 400-450$

So no need to be happy, that's normal ...

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Video deleted.

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Knowing Sony, the PS4 will have a lot of new IPs because Sony invest !

I am not worry about that.

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Wow impressive !

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I agree for MediEvil and Syphon Filter !

That would be awesome :P

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" Releasing the console at $199 and charging $15 a month for 2 years sounds a lot better to the consumer than a $399 console. Not only is this good for the consumer, but it’s good for Microsoft too. Instead of making $399 on each console sold, Microsoft will make over $500 on the system over the course of the 2 year contract price. "

+ buy Xbox Live subscription ... very expensive ...
I prefer buying 399€.

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I have already over 40h on this game, it's a pleasure to see a good J-RPG in 2013 !

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2Ghz with 8 cores ...

Add to this, 8 GB DDR5 unified

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