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Sony can't afford to lose money on console sales and on a subscription service (gamepass is still not profitable). Microsoft has very very deep pockets to reach into and can afford to play the long game and try to either squeeze others out of the console war or squeeze their way onto rival platforms due to demand.

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Bethesda wasnt, for the most part showing games until they were about 6 months out. This was clearly a ms decision.

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Sony had 2021 exclusives that didn't go to ps4 and you think they won't have any for 2022?

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@darth had them almost a month so probably coming up on his return window. And some retailers will watch how much you return and block you from future sales. Better this way for him to sell even for msrp instead of returning.

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It will be 30$ for black Friday a month later

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They offered refunds. If you didn't take it to rebuy when the game was fixed, that's on you

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As someone who spent the last 3 days having to do rest mode between my returnal runs, a save system would be nice. Even if it's just the start of each biome so I can play something else if I want a break. And I'm talking a 1 time load and the save gets auto deleted.

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It's a profit sharing business, they made a profit. Get pissed at the company's that laid people off or cut wages and still paid out big bonuses to millionaires.

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I did the refund and they never took the game back k. I also price matched the game down to 30$ on its first sale. So I got paid 30$ to own Cyberpunk lol. Just waiting on Ps5 patch

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Star citizen because they took the money before (and still not) delivering a product. And CDPR offered refunds

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No games to play on Xbox, got to do something while they wait for exclusives to be made

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Very very few people collect packaging and 99% of it gets trashed. It doesn't need to do anything more then get a product safely from production to the consumer, and if they can do that with recycled products then great. Sorry your collection has to suffer to protect the planet.

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Microsoft and Nintendo are being sued to for drift. Not just a Sony problem

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You are comparing a 160$ controller to a 60$ controller.

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Nahh don't think I will. This is Microsoft endgame plan. Kill off the secondhand market, kill off ownership, and then they can decide which games you have available to play.

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But what about the preservation of games!

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Errors happen, they will get fixed. If Xbox goes down should I post a doom and gloom articles saying how I can't download or play any games at all?

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While also pushing renting games only (on a service that games can be pulled off of by the way) but yeah they are really trying to preserve gaming.

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Go buy it then, it's still available. Oh wait, you never actually cared.

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ItS a GrEaT dEaL

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