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Well it's a joke. If people can't see that or get offended by it than [email protected] them. It just goes to show they take life way too seriously.


No, I didn't. I used google and typed in "Stereotypical offensive Middle-Eastern jokes" and this is what I got. Than I used copy and paste. /s

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I got hundreads of death treaths while playing games online or chating in online chat rooms. People are brave from behind a keyboard. These threaths are 99.9% empty.

You WILL ge these threaths especially if you attack something people love with a passion.

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Zafina is African. Your wish came true when Tekken 6 was released.

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That is pretty much it. There is nothing to do anymore just the same old thing. And also, they made it ridiculously hard to complete the End of Crota raid and the Nightfall mission. Nightfall is really hard and the rewards are crap. This week we went in to do the nightfall with two 32 and a 30 character and we died like we where lvl 10.

I used to play every day. At least 5 hours a day (two in the morning 3 at night.) now I just play the nightfalls once a week. Don't even...

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Yeah, bad idea.

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I got the 3D earth one. Thinking it's going to look as cool as on the PS3 music player. But not even close. I looks so damn cheap, rushed and ugly. Very dissapointed with Sony.

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A victory for digital distribution? Hahahahaha

The only reason it sold well digitally is because it's only available digitally and MANY people purchased it out of pure nostalgia myself included.

Make no mistake, if this game was available on disc I would have purchased it on that instead of the digital version.

Always prefer a disc release over a digital release 100%.

I don't even consider digital games as part of my ...

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Well just look at the website. Modernwarnegro? WTF is that?

Voted the site down.

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A special message to them:

Release it on disc and remake RE2 as well!

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When I seen the title, Deathtrap Dungeon came to mind. Well, this is not a sequel..... :(

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Tell me that this is a joke!

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Isn't it funny how Activision killed both Crash and Spyro and ruined Guitar Hero and killing CoD as well?

Looks like whatever that company puts it's dirty pawns on will go to hell.

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Water for me too! I just squeez a lemon and mix it in. It gives it a little flavor at least. Love that stuff.

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Yeah, I noticed.

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1 big way it fails: Not being on Playstation. On the console that made it what it is. Without Playstation there would be no Tomb Raider today.

And let's not forget that the reboot sold a lot more on Playstation than it did on xbox.

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Yeah, but I don't think that's a real person. Looks like 3D model not a live human.

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Hardline is not Battlefield for me. It's a different game. I will not buy it.

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This looks like an indie game. Wasn't expecting this from a big studio. What a shame.

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I got the GelTabz. They are awesome!

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