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this was hands down the worst monster movie i have ever seen and now they are making a game of it?

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american yet supports Obama. Makes you think about where we are headed.

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im not gonna pay monthly to be robins sidekick especially if theres no green lanterns as a playable class.

IF i cant wear an emerald ring they dont get my green money.

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The world has become to much of a liberal hippie place. Where if you hit your kids you get arrested so we become a society that is afraid to disipline children.

So she got what she honestly deserved. She should have raised the kid to be respectful. I mean honestly what 19 year old kid does that. She should have fought back and destroyed his system.

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its all about shelf-life
vhs had 20 year self life
dvd 10 years
blu-ray 5 years
technology is just going way to fast for us to say this is gonna be here for a long time.

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that box art is for the next gamestop display which is this sunday.Im heading into work. Ill check it out and post a picture. Which should be in a bout 1/2 hr

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yea i paid 150 bucks so 3rd party companies do not close there servers. Hows it like playing lemmings online....oh wait.. well you have the original metal gear solid online....oh yea. Weither no one plays or not atleast on xbox360 i have to choice to play games that went live 5 years ago.

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this is something xbox gamer tags have been doing for awhile. Via I can upgrade my account, by points, send messages to people on my friends list. Infact I can also do that with any windows live phone.

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the arcade will be at 249.99 to compete with the WII
the Pro will be at 319.99 which is 80 bucks cheaper then the ps3
and the Elite will be at 419.99 which is 20 bucks more plus a hard drive that is 80gb larger then the ps3

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between this and the sony credit card

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dude i got pissed at the 30 minute cutscenes in eternal sonata. These cuts scenes better be epic to keep my attention cause if its 90 minutes of snake talking no thanks.

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and I can tell you first hand at my store we sold more GTA 4 on the 360 then ps3 its about 3 to 1 at my store. As for consoles sold we sold more 360's then ps3.

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dude your the "stupid idiot" here
no one was being oppresed before the revolution. The revolution was to stop the corruption by the former president. However Castro and Che were socialists so they turned the country into a socialist island. Which became (ironically) an oppressive regime. They went onto kill supporters of the former president. They had soliders going door to door to make sure they citizens followed them politically if not they were to be killed. Few left the is...

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this guy is angry because gamestop only had copies of the game on hold for people that went a head and already bought it? And hes complaining? Geez get a life. Its the biggest game of the year (so far) of course there are going to be stores that only have enough for reserves get off this gamestop bashing just because you didn't have enough foresight to reserve the game. Next time a big game is released put the 5 bucks down to reserve you dont lose anything in the process.

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i hacked mine so i can carry my games on my memory stick so i dont have to worry about carrying a bag full of games.

If sony would create a feature that you can maybe install the game (via cd key or something to prevent piracy) on to the memory stick then i would be game for that.

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noise cancellation headphones are already out on the market. I saw one advertised on tv just the other day.
heres one
thats another. Theres nothing world first about it.

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gertsmann: " gamespot fired me"
ArduousAndy:"I stopped caring a long time ago"

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this isnt big brother. This is because of idiots out there posting negative / threating comments against one another. This isnt a tracking method. Specifically since there are already services that track hits to IP addresses and follow the IP address to the registered user.

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thats this guys gripe with Gamestop. The same thing happens at toys r us comic book stores anywhere and everywhere rare collectibles are sold. Seriously.

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there is a tech link here as well as a mobile sub group. Its not all game related. If this shouldnt be allowed on then neither should blu-ray news.

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