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@Bzone24 - I totally agree, Eruduto87 obviously haven't even used windows 8. Yet he'll feels that he should have a valid opinion on how it works. Using his own logic, I'd have to say he's the type of guy that would give a product a 1 out of 10 rating because his UPS shipment was delayed due to weather and he didn't get to play it on release

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There is nothing further from the truth, how are there additional steps. On the metro screen you see that app/program you wanted and you click or tap it. In the old start menu, you had to click start, scroll to find what you are looking for, and then click it. How is metro any more difficult.

If an app/program is not on the start screen, you right click it and select pin to start screen or taskbar... pretty much the same as pinning something to the startmenu or taskbar in ...

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Stop being such a whiner, it's really isn't that big of a deal. You use the start button to select programs that you want to run and that's it. You can place the programs that you want to run on the new start screen and get the same result.

Some people are such drama queens. If they weren't, then that would just stay with windows 7 if they didn't like windows 8 and not have to tell the whole damn planet about it.

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Good post I agree with it 100%. Still, it won't hurt to add female characters to the game. Even if they were added as downloadable content whereas women gamers could pay a buck or two to have a female character in a game where it would typically be male characters. It would be interesting to see how many would pay for the DLC character, they would definitely provide feedback into whether it matters to them or not.

Imagine if Heavenly Sword gave your an option to use a ...

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@PoSTedup, I know you mean well but, you just spun the hell out of that. To be honest with you. PS Vita released in Japan and parts of Asia on December 17, 2011, in Europe, North America, South America and Singapore on February 22, 2012,and in Australia on February 23, 2012.

To only have 2.2mil sold WW by now is really not that good in any gaming market. Let's keep it real. The 3DS sold over 4.5 million in its first year in the US alone.
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Completely see your point but what I think should be a bigger question for the developers are "do you they want to sell their products to female gamers?" If they answer that with yes, then why shouldn't they want to add female characters. We know they didn't wear pink in Nam, they also didn't have fat ass little boys sitting on couches pressing red green and yellow buttons to get guns to fire either.

It's a game, let's not mix the two. Being t...

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@_-EDMIX-_ - why the hell you getting so bent out of shape. I agree with oohwii, people did slam the 4GB 360 saying it was stupid, an a waste of time and wasn't gonna sell.

What do you want him/her to do drop a bunch of names for you?

You sound like you're pissed off, which makes you look lame as hell being what the subject is. In the end, who really gives a damn?

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@Trouble Bubble,

I not really on here to get in anytype of argument with some rabid fanboy about something that really not all that important to me. But the list I came up with is below.

Perhaps I missed one here or there. But, I'm sure you or someone else will fill in the blanks for me. Right?

Xbox 360

Gears of War*
Halo 3*
Gears of War 2*
Forza Motorsport 3*

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Oh, my bad swordf1sh, I should have read it better. I thought it was altime.

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Here's why this article is lame and incomplete.

This article has hole all in it.

I counted the following on for games on these consoles above a 90 including exclusives.

Xbox 360
43 Total
Exclusives 10

39 total
Exclusives 10

Besides, what does any of it really mean? Jack shit!

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This is a typical PS3 Fanboy taunt article. I noticed that it has done its job. All you see in the comment sections is list is stuff coming out for the PS3 and a bunch of jealous Kinect

So typical, So predictable!

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Well said Kingme, I know exactly what you


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Funny I was thinking the same thing about your comment.

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Seriously? How can a game be irrevelant if you haven't played it yet. A great game can be 2 years old and still provide great entertainment value if you haven't played it yet.

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My response to this is simple for me. I will be taking a pass on anything in the future from EA as far as racing games go. Otherwise...Moving on.

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Well, perhaps you shouldn't made dumbass unprovoked negative comments and you won't get labeled a fanboy.

Owning the other console doesn't immune you from being a fanboy, it just make you a fanboy that can't even do being a fanboy very well.

I read your comment and it was fanboyish. Your are also blabbing about you distain for Kinect as if someone gives a shit. Just saying.

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Haha, what strikes me as hilarious is how Thugbob, SilentNegotiator, StbI990 seem to be so offensive about this matter.

So damn what people think CC information has been stolen. (Sony just hasn't reported it yet...j/k) Why is it such a big deal to you fools that you're getting all swollen up about what someone else thinks. What the hell makes you think you can make someone think what you want them to think.

What I gathered from Kingme's com...

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@illizit - Although you sound intelligent, you still don't quite have it figured out either while you're calling oohwii out, you totally missed his point. Especially after your quick visit to wiki or an IP dictionary.

Although the organizationally unique identifier (first 3 octets) will identify the organization that issued the identifier that could be either the manufacturer of the network card/device or in some cases the buyers (MS) administrator. They can issue...

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@kopicha - Don't be a moron, if you have a 360 that RROD on you within the 3 year warranty period it is repaired or placed FOR FREE by microsoft. If your friends went out and bought new ones, then perhaps you should have helped them out and told them to get it repaired by MS. Wait, I forgot, you didn't know that.

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Haha, you're such a liar.

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