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Didn't see anyone complain about MLB the Show 14 for PS4 ;)

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RIP Driveclub

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RIP Driveclub

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Everything that is wrong with modern game development today.

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Hopefully improves the WIFI network adaptor for the PS4. My download speeds on PS4 are so slow compared to my PC using Steam, Sony need to fix this ASAP!

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Well there goes that rumour that Ninja Theory was developing a PS4 exclusive

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5 Beeps = 5 megatons... #TheReach

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Series went to crap when EA took over, was best when Microsoft published it, Mass Effect 1 was the best.

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Uncharted, Project Beast and Remasters... That's it? *Yawn*

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Ok... I was just asking a genuine question of what makes it unique, didn't mean to get you upset.

Everything you listed for it being unique could be applied to Halo as well. Visuals and cut-scenes are not unique.

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So it's unique because it transitions generic TPS gameplay with cut-scenes that are in game... Or is there something else that makes it unique that the developer is not mentioning?

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Still hasn't failed, gosh N4G Moderators are such Sony fanboys.

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I'd honestly rather have Halo 2 Anniversary with Halo 2 MP than a Halo Master Chief collection with only the SP campaigns of each game.

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"Spencer said, ” Yea, wanted to make the show entertaining. Some special things I want to show so needed to do some things early.”

Uh oh... Expect Megatons from MS.

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Most likely because it's people who torrented the game. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Day 1 patch and a NVIDIA driver released soon, but if not, unoptimized Ubisoft games are just common now.

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Sorry for being a fan of the game that revolutionized the FPS genre and online MP gaming ;)

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Can't wait for another generic third person shooter... *Yawn*

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Do you live in Salt Lake City?

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Most likely did as well, why would it not have bit mining software?

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LMFAO!!! Anyone who torrented it for PC or console, you get what you deserve.

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