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Stop all the hate for Halo 3. Really. Before the game came out the Sony fans thought it would suck, while the 360 fans were elated to get it. When it came out...guess what? Sony fanboys still thought it sucked, while 360 fans thought it kicked @ss. This was predictable, nigh inevitable in fact. But really, the amount of hate for this game from the Sony fanboys is really getting out of hand. If you don't like the game that's fine. But please, don't come to these sites supposedly for ga...

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"Yay, alcohol and random thoughts."


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Forge is not a simple map editor where you can only move turrets and vehicles around, it is far deeper and more complex than that. You can create your own gametypes, objectives, and overall layout of the game in real time while you play with other people. For example (and I have done this myself) you can create a simple game of slayer...but with an added twist that I personally find awesome. It's a type of flying carpet match, where you have 4 teams of 2 people each. One person becomes a ...

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To anyone who says Halo isn't innovative, watch this video and try to explain to me how that isn't cool as hell.

Any other fps that can do that?

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One argument I hear frequently against Halo is that it did nothing revolutionary. These people will usually admit to the health bar and multi-player aspects as revolutionary, but other than that these critics simply bash it for not having many extremely new
ideas/features. Well I have a question. What console shooter in recent years HAS done anything like that? RFoM? I don't see any insanely new ideas there. Fear? Black? Good games all, but revolutionary? I think not.

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Good games sell better than sh*tty games??!! NO ****ING WAY!!!! This is obviously fanboy bullsh*t, because that make no sense at all.

/end sarcasm

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The hatred on this site is nearly palpable. Holy crap what are you guys getting all worked up about?

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We haven't even played both games yet and you're already saying it raped Halo 3? Killzone 1 couldn't touch Halo, and neither will Killzone 2.

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Holy crap look at the faces! Best graphics I have seen yet, bar none. This kind of realism in expressions really makes the aliens seem...real.

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All the sony fanboys are going insane over this. WTF? The textures are poor and it doesn't look close to the 2005 trailer or a number of other games? Why are you all going nuts over it? Yes it looks pretty cool, but not mind-blowing, not as good as mass effect, and the gameplay (while the animation and effects do look very interesting) promises to be as mediocre as the first. It's not the end for MS, and it's not going to catapult the ps3 to the top. It's just...dare i say it...ok. ...

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It looks very good...but not insanely mind-blowing as the sony fanboys are saying. I like the look and feel of it, and the overall chaoic atmosphere of the level, but we have seen that before (RFOM). The character modeling was excellent, but the textures were a bit below par imo. The destructive environments are a nice touch, and the animations look to astound as well. Overall, very good, but not insane/earthshattering/halo-ki ller.

And for those who said Halo is dead, that...

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Looks awesome! A bit cartoony with the new brutes, but overall it looks like an epic and satisfying conclusion to the series.

@ the ignorant sony fanboy who said Halo isn't epic- You, sir, are an idiot. Good day.

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Not sure if it's true but apparently the bricks were photoshopped on the one image, so I wouldn't get your hopes up with the poster theory.

I had nightmares after seeing this site- DO NOT go there.

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God I wish I had a football team to root for. But, living in Detroit, there really are no options. But who knows...happened to the Tigers...

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Am I the only one that's not impressed by this at all? It looks nothing even close to the trailer, much less Gears.

Also if we have to argue about whether that's a shadow or a hole in the wall I don't think that says much about the graphics.

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Well yes the 360 has some hardware problems, but with the 3 year warranty, who cares? All other playstation hardware has had it's issues before, or did you all forget that? And yes, they are fixing the problem with the 65nm chips coming out this fall (in tandem with H3 release as well) that should let it run quieter and cooler.

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You're using PC reviews to back up your claims? *Sigh* Could you at least have the decency to change your name to something a little more accurate? And like I said, there appear to be 5 million people out there who disagree with you, so shut your mouth and wait for the game to actually come out.

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Well, your opinion is fine man, but there about 5 million people with preorders right now that seem to disagree with you...

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...You obviously haven't played Halo because the storyline is much more creative and interesting than that.

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Why the hell is everyone hating on Halo? All the sony fans are saying that halo brought nothing new, not innovative, childish...ect, but what did Killzone bring that was so great? And for anyone who says H3's graphics suck and thats why it will be bad is seriously retarded. Halo was not, is not, and never will be about graphics. It's about refined, fast paced, and FUN gameplay, always has been and always will be. I'm sick and tired of people bashing Halo 3 because the beta didn't look sp...

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