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889 years into the future

almost a millennium :P

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"Elsewhere, Ubisoft's bat-and-ball compendium Racket Sports dropped 17 places to number 39"

WOW!, that's a FLOP!

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Kinect is DOOMED.

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sharks don't intentionally set out to kill humans if they're in the water btw

this would most definitely freak you out

if your're on land

watch out for crocodiles and alligators they're the most deadliest of land I think lol

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Isn't the majority of pokemon based on real plants, animals and insects too?

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you can't really compare Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2 because they're both opting for a different feel...

"Heavy Rain has some great looking character models but it so unpolished it terms of the level design"

is that it?
you must have not played Heavy Rain...saying its garbage, 95% of the time I was playing it, didn't feel like I was playing a game because it was so realistic actually TO...

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Heavy Rain and GOWIII has already surpassed Uncharted 2 2009's visuals

poor, poor 360 fanboys

first it was
Mass Effect 2
Alan WAIT!


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yes that was a jaw-dropping moment in GOW2

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they should introduce diving to Uncharted too.

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wished was doing the same thing too

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Kinect bows like the Wii bows

Nothing about Kinect is original

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that can be done with a sixaxis THREE YEARS AGO




Going to google and typing in Kinect will and is:

too expensive
a joke

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ok ok

well for now I have no use with PSN+

either most items it is offering I have already or just no high interest

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so all full games or minis etc. are unplayable?

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Is it true, you lose everything when your subscription to PSN+ comes to an end? ( like add-ons, full games and such )

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the BOLDNESS of the text on PS3's internet browser has been removed.

LMAO, didn't last long

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very true, in theory the human eye and brain can distinguish approx.10 million colours but really in practice only what it has learned and has a name; like the primary colours.

All shades of red look like red, all shades of blue look like blue etc.

edit: lol I got a disagree

the person who disagreed must be able to distinguish every single colour if they're given a sheet with all 16 million colours on there

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now that is a cuss!!!

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Isn't almost everything made in CHINA?
I mean literally.

The "Made in China" logo is plastered on almost every product.

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