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is a simply an offer you cannot refuse

uncharted 2 is the best ps3 game ever,never seen such quality like it,it's worth buying a ps3 just for this game

and guys keep your eyes on heavy rain and agent

R* come on guys show us agent,im excited

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a disappointment,I always said no I'll give it a chance,it has potential but it came to a point which I stopped caring about it


1-xmb integration
2-almost no load times
3-a full exciting trophy room
4-a section below your trophy collection,name it"ps home rewards" to know which is which what's what
5-most important thing,ADD LIFE,home feels so lifeless,ps home in game code is as lifeless as it gets


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2010 has all types of games,why won't just try to get with it,maybe this game gonna influence devs

and btw I played some of indego prophecy and I can tell you it was one of those experiences that you'll never forget,it's REAL and now with ps3,it's even REALER

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hope you enjoy it :)

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that hhg video got me SOLD

day 1 buy(hehe lol day -9 here in ksa xD,we get games early)

omg 2010 omg

my wallet is starting to cry even before 2010

it's dec 16 today,I can see the dawn of 2010


heavy rain and alan wake,can you imagine that,I just can't

"head explodes"

off topic:my sixth sense tells me that R* is going to reveal agent soon

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fpr 1 day and 7 hours nearly

I didn't see any disconnecting and gluitching except very few times that can be counted on your fingers

kz2 online was good too but I experienced"no host available"many times,much more than in mw2

5:1 ratio

and in mw2,host can change in game

I don't know how much some of you kid themselves


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ps3 game ever and one of the best games in this generation and a worthy game of the year winner

you got to play this,you need to play this game,get a ps3 alone for it

I give it 95 out of 100

and gfx are insane,I've never seen environments look this good or this detailed,also the ART IS AWESOME

and.....SULLY RULZZ he is the best uncharted character ever,he is so underrated,sully is the man

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this game look amaaaazing

rarely do i feel this sense of realism

and hhg,keep doing it,thanks for the show,great preview and great video indeed

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for mw2 here,also so much hate for multiplat games that look better on xbox

mmmm let em think,if there was a ps3 exclusive maps coming,I CAN 100% assure you that there will be a HUGE change in comments,you'r gonna hear PRAISES everywhere

guys think outside the box,review the game,write cons and pros,let your opinion truly reflect the truth


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but I gotta say that cod4\mw2 and bioshock are better

that's my opinion,don't take it personal

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bioshock 1 was one of the best games in this gen

day 1 buy

im afraid this one disappoints cause 2k boston(irrational games) isn't behind it

im afraid it won't be a true bioshock game,much like treyarch and resi5 dev team

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cause I like it so much :)

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xbox 360 always has it,in fact I doubt it many times yet it just keep shutting me up

it's great list of exclusives,superior multiplats and the endlessly fun xbox live

but MS I HATE E74


E74 E74 you can't play GET the FK AWAY..... :(

and also red lights,happen to me,to my brother and to my friends

if 360 didn't have these issues,it would become a legend

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I mean the first scene in kz2,when you first play the game,that was CG

when visari says"my people,sons and daughters of helgan"

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drop your fanboy goggles NOW

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kz2,l4d opening scenes were CG

this trailer was using IN GAME CUTSCENES

like in mgs4,uncharted2,gta 4,etc

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fun,I liked the main character but not great

the 2nd sucked major @ss since it released after san andreas

I don't know but there is no(open world crime) game that can match the gta quality and humor

this trailer looked ok but it's so generic

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they gave you a first look a their new engine

just imagine how good the gameplay is going to be

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they are the best thing about the trailer and at the end the explosions in the background looked amazing

this is a new engine,the way things act in motion tells you its a new game engine

can't waiiiit

btw,all you guys just talk about gfx.TECH only,well art is just as importnat,uncharted 2 would never looked this good if it did not mixed TECH with ART,also kz2

if a game combined HIGH tech and crappy art,it would simply give you a flat game ex...

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