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No and NO

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when it comes to sp game design and gameplay....it's a de evolution

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filthy no good pirates

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two of the best FPS games ever made

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^^^ that silicon will give a superior experience for 95% of games out there (multiplats) and a great experience for exclusives like halo 5, forza 7/forza horizon and gears of war 4 :)

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look at kojima fanboys crying , the real question should be, was MGS V worthy of the Metal Gear name??

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the MP is excellent

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if devs built their games on pro and X, things would look a lot different than what it is

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incredible machine, work of art

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yes or ....read dead redemption

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ps4pro and xbox one x are indeed nice but let's face it what's more important is what devs build their games for and every dev build their game to run on base ps4/X1, even PC elitists have to deal with this (i have a gtx1080 btw)......... we won't see a major leap in gfx untill devs get their hands on ps5/nextbox....everything u'll see on the highest end of ends PC are just console builds at higher settings

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horizon zero dawn on the ps4pro 2160 checkerboard looks absolutely phenomenal, also enhanced textures and filtering is AWESOME as well......masterful work

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You mean the WINNER.

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Yes, Scorpio/PC

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it's gameplay, world design, attention to detail, polish, atmosphere and the strong sense personality/charm the gta series is famous for plus gaming became more popular lately and gta adapted perfectly for that

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Because it DESTROYS the PS4 Pro!! XD

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LMAO ponies gone freakin wild, necrophilia ?? LULZ. i know i know native 4K across the board hurts xD don't worry it will pass and u'll accept :) oh and that crackdown 3 cloud will be ur ultimate nightmare.....at native 4k xD xD

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honestly the scorpio is better than the pro in every single aspect, even in backward comparability, download speeds, elite controllers etc...,MS has to announce console exclusives at E3 to combat sony in that aspect and it's a wrap

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