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I care just not that much

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VR is alive and well and will stay just like 3D. Projectors are what’s keeping it strong. I know 3 mainstreams that watch 3D all the time on there home theatre projector. VR is here to stay just look who’s all trying to grab a corner of the market.... everyone.

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critical flops

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Yeah, no! These “opinions” pieces are drivel at best and over saturated to fuk. They’re terrible at thier job.

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Oh you want control over what people say and do. You must be a modern liberal(Fascist).

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Community comments don’t dictate an accurate representation of possible revenue or overall want. Terrible article.

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@EonJay It’s amoral in both cases. I never said they have the same moral equivalence ffs. It depends, if he affects many peoples livlyhoods by hacking and ruining a game for everyone. Things have repercussions. Stay on line Eon. Shifting arguments gets you nowhere. Affecting peoples live physically or through other means is bad period. Love you’re groupies on N4G too scared to explain themselves hahaha this community is pathetic when it comes to morals.

QQ is it ok to pira...

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@PapaBop Technically I may be..... but society’s legal system is what takes the moral high ground. We can/can’t dictate morality, it’s not black and white. Guess what is...the law. Our society is based on law so what i said still stands. So therefore you’re argument is a little strawmanny.

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You don’t dictate the morality of society. I would lock him up longer. It is illegal to sell hacks to be used in the game publishers servers. This guys a criminal and people like you are the ones lowering “morality”. Let me guess you believe emulation and piracy to play someone’s else’s ips for free is ok!?

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@Goldenhawk521 You’re god aren’t you?

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what they mean is conform or change your views sadly

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yeah no

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Society probably wouldn't let gays live, it would be viewed as to much of a waste when looking at it with a survival of the species mentality.

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@Goldby Don’t be so presumptive. How do you know that they aren’t wasting time and money to make sure this gay scene landed. They want a realistic setting to bring the fear of human on human conflict. Seeing way to many lesbians when the community would most likely outlaw it because of the need of a strong population sticks out in the wrong way. Sorry most people don’t blatantly accept something and look deeper at the issue than surface level.

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@BeardedDrachen No dumb dumb, you kill everyone in these games. There is no political revelence with fictious violence.

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Attention Dumb Liberals- Love when you Libbys try and use Conservative created slang as your own. If anything you would call him hellfire because he is angry... he’s not cowardly melting away In the need of a Liberal safe space. Ffs

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