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Out of curiosity, where did you read/hear that?

I only ask because 'Ubisoft Montreal' tend to rely on 'Anvil Next' for most of their big budget games (aside from Far Cry), and looking into it that officially appears to be the case with 'Rainbow Six: Siege' too. http://blog.ubi.com/rainbow...

Regarding 'Snowdrop', that has often be...

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"The game is in development as of 2011"

Where on Earth do you get your information? Full-blown development began roughly around February 2013 (I believe Chris Roberts said that during one of recent conferences), where the initial crowdfunding pitch was 2012. That means it's less than 3 years into development. Most other AAA games take longer than that.

Regardless of person opinion on 'Star Citizen', it's undoubtedly massive-scale, te...

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Why would anyone think they "should be damn near finished", when it's barely 3 years into development?

Also, the "money that they constantly waste"?! Pray tell the source of your information? You do have a source, right... you're not just guessing are you? Surely not?!

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Just an 'fyi', but 'Just Cause 3' is definitely running on 'Avalanche Engine', and not 'Luminous Engine'. There are dev presentations available that can confirm this.

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Hold on a sec... I'm all for skepticism, but I'm also for factual information!

It's publicly known that large portions of the CryEngine have had to be written/rewritten for Star Citizen (double precision simulation, zoning/instancing system, Kythera AI, server backend and netcode, animation and facial system, physically-based flight model and feedback control system, etc, etc, so on and so forth). Also, besides the numerous industry veterans on the project anyway,...

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Most things do, though the surface roughness of some materials may see it to negligible effect.

It might be worth a quick glance at this for some brilliant detail:


From a cursory glance, if Lara's skin is supposed to be wet the strength and blurriness of the specular reflections seem off, as we...

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"Gamestation were acquired by Game but Gamestation apparently traded as usual until the financial mess Game got themselves into."

I used to work at Gamestation a decade ago and left for uni around the time Blockbusters sold them to Game. I was back there for temp jobs during the holidays though, so got to see the change over time - they really didn't seem to operate as separate entities in the stores themselves, though legally I'm sure they did.

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You've only been on N4G one day, yet your comment history suggests you hold a rather peculiar level of hostility towards some very trivial things!

Is everything alright over there? :P

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It's called 'Alpha 2.0', not "Patch 2.0".

That "Alpha" part does actually mean something.

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Disagrees at merely answering Bathyj's question? It looks pretty factual and neutral as well?!

Oh... That's it! I'll be less rational next time, and answer with more bias. That way I should be able to fit in better with most of the N4G crowd. After 8 years on here you'd think I'd know that by now! Silly me! :P

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There are certainly a lot of people that are blindly protective of it; however, insofar as "scope creep" goes, I'd have to disagree.

The last stretch goal was Nov 2014 for $65 mil. Even then if one looks at the nature of the stretch goals going all the way back to 2013 it can be seen that most of it involves additions to universe content (planets, ships, weapons, scanners, etc), rather than changes to the game-play or underlying technology. New art and lore cont...

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The Squadron 42 story is supposed to be the first thing out, with something like 20 hours of content. After that will come the MMO 'persistent universe'.

As far I'm aware the Sq42 story was always going to come first, and that's long been expected for 2015 or 2016, though it's more likely the latter at this point. There has never been an official release date given, but that's always seemed been the reasonable expectation for less than 3 years developm...

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Hmm... loads of disagrees over information I'd suggest isn't subjective whatsoever. I'd be keen to hear why that is, and from an objective standpoint?

I can only guess people on here know more about this than the trade bodies that represent the games industry as well as economists.

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It's not that simple. Regardless of which political party is in power, a government has to tackle different issues on multiple fronts.

This is about investing in, and promoting the growth of, a sector that has a proven potential to feed back into the economy. It's a global market with an industry that's already worth a lot to the British economy. Tax breaks/relief and other such incentives are a proven success for creative industries like this. In this case the fu...

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In this context async compute is about running graphics tasks and compute tasks along side each other to take advantage of shared h/w resources that may be idling or underused for whatever reason (eg. task-specific, or perhaps hardware-bound).

It's an exposed api feature, but one that relies on a suitable hardware implementation on the GPU itself for it to be adequately taken advantage of. The goal is for the GPU to manage and execute different types of commands in parall...

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Well, this engine is the Bitsquid engine under a different name, so without even looking at the code I think it would be safe to assume much of the engine was designed around efficient use of the h/w. There's a blog available detailing it's first few years of their development:


A small team, but them being data-oriented design advocates is usually an inkling that...

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I'll throw this up here since you're the most visible comment:

"1000 times better performance then SSD and ram"

What? No, it doesn't have "better performance... thAn RAM". It's slower both in terms of throughput and latency.

That's not to take away from the technology, but this just reads as a sensationalist headline and article blurb. The article itself doesn't even make the same assertion. How thi...

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I don't think you quite grasp the concept of why the FPS game-play exists.

Consider that everything in the game is first-person, and designed with full immersion and interactivity in mind to get just about everything done (going through their dev vids will show that's not an exaggeration). With that said, and regarding the FPS combat specifically, how might you board another crew's ship and take it over without a fight? What about being a bounty hunter on the job ...

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* The above should read "6656x3744", not "3774".

Whilst I'm here I want to add for correctness that the trig is actually slightly off there, and I ignore that pixels are mostly not square-on to the viewer. The effect of contrast matters too amongst other caveats no doubt, though I think it's all negligible stuff here and in this context.

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DougLord, the receptors in our eyes have a finite resolution so our ability to resolve fine detail has limits based on this.

Using wikis verifiable figures for human vision:

Visual acuity = 0.6 arc mins
Vernier acuity = 0.13 arc mins

To be able to see a difference between 1080p and 900p from 10 ft away, and for just visual acuity alone, our pixel pitch needs to be:

120 inches * tan(0.6/60) = 0.021 inches

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