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You say that but then you're up tears of the kingdoms arse that looks quite frankly poor 😂

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I hope not. DQ is the only one that's stuck to its roots. Given its massively popular in Japan, even over FF, I'd hope they will stick with what sells over there.

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Thankfully thats shifting more and hopefully means more localisation (especially DQX offline)

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Sad thing is it'll still sell 30 million

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If you can't separate a medium from its creator I don't know what to tell you. She's already a billionaire, you buying it isn't relevant to her. But what it is relevant is the 'shop floor' people trying to earn a living. And they've created what seems like a fantastic game. Literally anyone in life may have a different view to you, it doesn't mean you'd avoid their services. You wouldn't go around asking the guy serving you in a restaurant his views and...

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Forspoken got absolutely slated for being a 7 to be fair

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@Sonic1881 I wouldn't bet because it's obvious 😂 botw was no more than an 8/8.5 and got the rating it did. Massive Nintendo points

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Ahh must be nice. Maybe on the PS6 😂😂

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They are all I have left as well. Hoping I can grind through them tonight. Definitely the most annoying part of the platinum

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I'd say so but Spider-Man is definitely well up there as well. It's just so fluid

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I'm a big fan of the game and that's a massive reach 😂

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The combat and traversal are definitely highlights. It's the best open world traversal I've ever played

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I don't know why the down votes because it's pretty nailed on it will unless they majorly screw something up. Zelda always gets bonus points for some reason. I only hope FFXVI is an absolute banger

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Yeah I don't understand them to be honest. I get everyone has an opinion but I've loved the game and experienced nothing as to what a lot of people's opinions are. Only thing I can think is a lot have just played the demo. And yeah I'm actually worried about that. Going from a huge open world like this to another one in Hogwarts (especially as I was halfway through Skyrim before Forspoken as well). Might get LAD:Ishin to break it up a bit

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As I said with how this looked I'd be very shocked if this scored under 85. Glad I got my preorder in now. Trying to smash my way through the last of my Forspoken Platinum in time for tomorrow 🤣

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The writing is good though. You can't judge off a few lines on the Internet if you haven't played it

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Because they can't sell games and pay far more overall

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I've just come off Platinuming Ragnarok so that would be a no. Imagine someone enjoying something different to you 🙃🤣

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It's probably the opposite, a large majority of Forbidden West's sales were on PS5. So given there's even more people moved to the new console in the 9 months since that the gaps probably wider.

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Doesn't paint the full picture. My quality mode isn't running at 30 fps.

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