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You can share digital games as well and more importantly, you can buy 1 digital copy and play on 2 ps4, concurrently.

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I think that is completely unlikely. Each blade would problably be some sort of PC able to handle multiple gamer's sessions. Also I dont understand why you'd consider it a closed system or why it would have static specs.

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Your day is more or less tied up into stuff like Work/Sleep/Eat/Other, that if youre an average person, just getting 6 hours of gaming done in a day is difficult(not that i would recommend it). That means your console is idling 18 hours a day.

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Ill get downvoted to infinity, but in my eyes Sony needs some shooters with integrated competitve or coop play.

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yeah, I have 2 PS4, one is ok quiet, the other one sounds like it's activating booster rockets to go into orbit.

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Hmm how?

Looks like the patent is for checking how close a player is to a new boundary, and then loading that area.

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dont bother, he lives for bashing MS and hailing sony.

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I have daily video scrums, and what not, with India developers, I dont recall their internet being shit.

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Yes it will, but I think people are giving Phil alot of crap for the current generation. Crap that was essentially started by the mid/end of last generation along with don mattrick. Go listen to the Giantbomb interview with him. I thought he was full of PR crap, but after watching the interview, I believe Xbox is in goods hands for the upcomming generation.

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Really? Cause xbox fans are like outnumbered 2.5 to 1

Ill go with the fake account explanation

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You're right we should move on but look on the bright side:

It's Ridge Racer!!...Riiiiiidge Raceeeer!!!!!!

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I'll never forget the day that.......

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ps3, ps4,xbox, xbox1, wii, wiiU

all released in November, so naturally we can conclude the PS5 will release in April???

Maybe as a april fools

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"I must have a magic PS4."

I have another explanation, but i doubt you wanna hear it.

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Yeah was down for me too last night, but it came back up for me after 3-4 hours

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"There’s because there’s a big disconnect between gamers and critics when it come to Days Gone. "

nah it's just gamers donning their Illuminati mindset to find some hidden connection...... lots of games have a 8+ point difference

Uncharted A thiefs end
Assassins Creed Origins & Odyssey
Halo 5
...and the list goes on and on

We can pretend that this is a unique problem with D...

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"they don't wanna show their hand too early."

I kinda feel Sony is more of the opposite

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I thought the others were awful, just because something is better than awful, dosnt mean im going to praise it


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