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Uhm dunno why you excluded gears5's 60 fps, but decided to include it for GOW.

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Well the game isn't for everyone, obviously, dunno why we need a whole article about it.

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".for everyone else this looked incredible"

Neutral opinions aside it's almost split in the middle between good and bad

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In halfway thru Kingdom Come deliverance, a game that touts being realistic in many ways. Some of the elements just add no fun to the experience, like having to manage your food intake, or just skipping time by sleeping or waiting, it makes you watch a timer.

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Your civic duty is to be prejudist?

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Well I did see some YouTube comments saying it had a lot of recognizable MGS elements. Some even called it Metal Gear Postman.

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uhm isn't this just something rendered on a high end PC and the PS4 is basically just playing a movie?. From the gameplay video the game looks great, but why are we praising the graphics in a movie?.

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Did anyone find that boss battle a bit unimaginative?
I basically felt like he was walking around and throwing grenades for at it for 5 minutes?

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Probably ,but then, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the only gpu manufacturer doing raytracing for PC is nVidia, and of those cards only the rtx series is able to do ray tracing?.

If that's the case I'd probably focus on other stuff as well

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Is it in Japanese?

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The earth is flat and angels exist

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I'd father have another social strand, game

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Some things you should keep to yourself or at least until after the game has released

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I agree, stop the port begging

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I have fond memories of those games, hope they do well

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Kojima wont be playing his best cards right away.....we will problably see "Picking his nose" before "Taking a dump".

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Well it's hard to see the other side of that coin, you're simply concluding that cancellation of a project is a bad thing. Look at a game like Anthem, would I have preferred that it was cancelled years ago instead of running a full 7 year development cycle?
Bioware could have been 3-4 years into developing DA:4. Instead there are rumours of them being shut down.

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User rating 8.2

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