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Kinda doesn't make sense to remove achievements on PC if the console versions still have them.

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Ps5 is a big boy. Wonder what the size of the slim will be whenever they announce/reveal that :P

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Yeah, that feature looked so promising. But then all the plebs complained about Microsoft's digital approach, and the console bring 'online only' so they essientially scrapped it, but kinda bought it back toward the end of this gen with game pass etc.

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Title should say 'Santa Monica's new God of War game.....' :P

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Bethesda/Zenimax games will still be on other platforms. (such as elder scrolls etc).
Not sure about new IP's/games of course.

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Don't know what you're saying, but Microsoft stated from the very beginning that they would support the Xbox One for the next 2 years (wouldn't see an xbox series x exclusive game from their first party studios).

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Yeah, could have been handled a lot better.

Edit: mainly talking about launch date of certain titles and pre order dates (which were later revealed on twitter, would have been better if it was in the showcase)

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Sony/Square just retracted the PC announcement lol

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'Sony’s Jim Ryan has confirmed that the PS4 will continue to be supported for the next 3 to 4 years.'

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That's a RIP. Sony could have made some major buck if they release games on PC too :P

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I remember them comments where everyone bashed Microsoft for supporting the Xbox One for another 2 years. Can already see people being angry/upset to Sony with them supporting the PS4 for the next 4 years or so.

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And why does Sony always wait for Microsoft to reveal their pricing first then. lol.

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Lol someone can't read

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Could have put it in the trailer/showcase.

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it says "not available on other consoles for a limited time, available on pc". So it can come out on Xbox. Otherwise why put that sentence in.

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I know what you said, i was just adding to your comment, not digging it lol.

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at the end of the vid.

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It's most likely a new game. So yeah, Part 2.

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Both consoles don't really have a great launch line up.

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No release date? :O

And PC, nice :D

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