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the new protagonist is edward kenway, father of haytham kenway and grandfather of connor kenway. so thats how theyre related. going by the trailer though he seems to have a good mix of connors stoicness and fighting skill and ezios sense of charm and adverture. best of both worlds in my opinion.

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i like the 1930s one for me it seems like the most radical change and its not just cuz its more modern but cuz of the radical change in the outfit to match the times. also it would make the hidden blade more of a ceremonial weapon only used for your target. i found it pretty annoying how the hidden blade just turned into another weapon to mow enemies down as more games came out.

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Im kinda bummed out thought. I was really hoping it was a new IP. I was really excited too especially how it was set up.

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*insert obligatory Michael Ironside quote*

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it seemed like the resistance series was struggling to find an identity, the trilogy was all over the place in terms of gameplay. resistance 2 was definitely the weakest of the 3 while resistance 3 was most likely the best. But oh well it was clear that that franchise is dead or put on the back burner since insomniac isnt planning on doing anything with it. kinda sad that the series had to end with burning skies.

halo by contrast has remained relatively the same. granted ther...

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or it could be true crime hong kong under a new name.

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its not supposed to be your typical english accent its a cockney accent.

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have you heard him as the penguin yet??

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well that is true i just borrow now...

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oh no ign is teh bias. resistance 3 is 10 its a mastarpiece cuz ive played it right??

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ahh so i see you read it?

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oh no n4gers you must choose a side IGN or HHG the fate of the gaming industry is in your hands...

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really?? top 5 i mean they wouldve been top five in the past but those games just dont hold up for 4 years.

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oh what a surprise N4G ppl dont like what they see on IGN

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rose tinted glasses duh

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so EA paid ign to give medal of honor 6.0?

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yes because everything they have done before like hating on the ps3 was just a sign that it would lead to shady business practices like this right??

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hmm using my batman deductions skills the big surprise is robin beating bane in fighting...

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is there a deadline for using the codes??

nevermind found it haha

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is it only for pc so far?? or is it also for 360??

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