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It's the constant vitriolic slander that people don't like. Yea he said it. He shouldn't have but he did.

What's happening is now people, just like the stupid nazi accusations, are going way overboard.

It was just a word. The very fact that people are getting so outraged (appears to be a lot of white people) is giving the word more power than it needs.

Just because that word was used in history is a terrible way and b...

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No he doesn't. If you're for taking away peoples jobs for what YOU find offensive, where does it stop?

Not you or the government Has the right to "take him down". That is called authoritarianism. It is what leads to horrendous regimes.

The market is what decides continues and ends. If you're so offended then don't watch. Those who are offended will stop watching.

You have no right to take away what other peo...

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I guess these aren't real jobs either:

Sports commentators
Radio hosts
Also show hosts
On site reporters
Video editors
Photo editors
Digital artists
Public speakers

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Then you're a racist as well. I can guarantee 100% you have said it.

If you honestly believe he's a racist anti Semite then you have not even bothered to research the accusations AT. ALL.

It's people like you who have made racism not mean anything. No one cares anymore. You're also the reason a cheeto is in the White House.

People are sick and tired of your identity politics.

If whites can't sa...

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Sounds like you're being an entitled snob.

Some of his videos can be funny.

What IM seeing is people who just don't like him, who haven't watched his content try and defame him and are perfectly fine with him losing his job.

Well. What if people didn't like you? Went after your job because you said a "naughty word".

That's what this is. People are after him because he said a bad word....

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Yea but they can't file a DMCA because they stated the game can be streamed.

It would be like letting someone come into your house then suing them for breaking and entering.

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Well aren't you a racist. Automatically assuming his audience is white and over emotional? He said a word you YOU are the one crying about it.

He has hundreds of thousands of hours of footage and he says ONE bad word and you lose your mind.

Grow. Up.

Everyone has said nigger.

And before you go all "white privilege" on my ass I'm not fully white.

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1 lawyer saying they have the right doesn't mean they do.

On their website it says you CAN stream and CAN monitize and they encourage it. They can't just go after his because he said something they don't like.

He could very easily counter sue because the company themselves allow it. They can not DMCA because the person in question said something bad. That's a false claim. It has nothing to do with the game itself but the man and a DMCA has...

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32 is no where near enough. Mobile devices are not dedicated gaming systems.

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And that is what we call a straw man. I said nothing of the sort. Keep grasping at your straws.

And "hate speech" is stupid. The more you restrict people the more the taboo becomes a temptation.

Study history.


Not only is that not relevant it's also completely stupid.

If someone says "sieg heil" does that make them a nazi? No.

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You're for treating people decently by limiting what they want to say.

Why should people bend to those who are offended?

If offence is all it takes then you should not eat pork because it offends Muslims.

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Start a YouTube channel. It is a job. He's also making millions so none of your petty insults mean anything.

He has held jobs btw. So. You just look like an idiot.

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So you're for thought policing.

There goes the comedy industry.

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