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No, it wouldn't.
People can still buy an xbox one till the xbox two comes out.

Plus if Microsoft were to release an xbox one elite with upgraded components to run xbox one games with better performance, you can bet your sweet ass, Sony would do the same. One of the main reasons people hold the ps4 high is because of its ability to play games at a better resolution and performance than the xbox one.

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I actually loved Assassin's creed 3. Liked it more than revelations and black flag.

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It's not your router, nor the PS4. It's the PSN servers. The download speed is sometimes awful. My Ps4 is wired, I always have fast speeds when i do net test, I can stream 1080p on it easily. But sometimes the download speed slows down significantly. It happens to everyone I know who owns a ps4.

Greg miller and Colin Moriarty talked about this issue in their podcast. They have a super fast business line, and their speed is still awful and super slow at times.

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That's only in North America, the month it launched.
It did not sell well, because nobody knew what xcom is, but then they offered it with psn+ as a free game and people got introduced to it and liked it. xcom is a classic pc game so it makes sense for it to sell more on pc. Plus a lot of these sales were cheap, couple of bucks deals off steam sales.

If the reason for not making xcom 2 for consoles is bad sales for enemy unknown then why did ...

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You are insane if you think this won't release on consoles . Xcom enemy unkcown/within released on mobile, the full experience. It is also coming to vita.

Xcom 2 is filled with bugs and frustrating mechanics, and god-awful optimization.

Given that is is an exclusives, their plan to focus on one platform failed.


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You call a 30 hours platinum, short ?!

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I bought scholar of the first sin and bloodborne on black Friday for 16 dollars from bestbuy.

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Yes, update it and patch it and then release the "enhanced version" on consoles. a la diablo 3.

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It will come to consoles though

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I swear every week for the last year and a half there has been a new article about DX12's capabilities or how DX12 can benefit xbox one.

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Buying a PC would defeat the purpose of owning a console, I do not own a console to avoid upgrading. I own a console to play Bloodborne, uncharted and the last of us, and play with friends.
I am merely asking for an elite version of the console which plays exactly the same games but with a min of 60fps and better anti-aliasing.

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How does that contradict what I said ?
Are you telling me people who play games on low settings are not gamers ?


Buddy, you are making yourself foolish. "much weaker" my ass. PS3 is barely weaker than the average PC. When people compare a certain console to PC, you need to specify. The average steam user out there does not have a strong rig. PC gaming does NOT equal high end PC gaming. One is generalizi...

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I played it crushing as my first playthrough and I thought Drake's fortune's crushing on PS4 was a breeze. Way easier than I remember on Ps3.
I think they made it easier, but I'm not sure.

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I was thinking about getting a wii u the other day. I would also like to play some wii games on it too.

But $299 ? really ? that's how much PS4 was going for with three classic games remastered.
Hell no. Remove the gimmicky tablet, and add a controller, make it $200, then I'll consider.

If NX was a great system and it played wii u and wii games, I'd consider that too.

Hopefully it's the latter so I can play the great b...

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Actually consoles are pretty strong compared to the average steam gamer's rig.

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I might be in the minority, but I want a PS4 Elite for the enthusiasts this year slightly beefed up to play every 30fps ps4 game in 60 fps, without sacrificing graphics. and of course play games that are already 60fps with better graphics ,such as better anti aliasing.

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Two things I need.
Mass effect trilogy remastered.
And Skyrim remastered.

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Every year they say that. He and Major Nelson. lol
But yeah it is going to be amazing.

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Flip the order then I'm in.

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Definitely Battlefield 5

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