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Mate, resolution can be whatever, I just want 60fps to be the norm like on the original gameboy

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Who gives a shit about the graphics, isn’t the gameplay more important?

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Say why you will but it’s never going to be considered a driving simulator, so I’m always going to prefer GT. Forza drives like a kids game but that’s probably why it’s popular with kids

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Because you will buy it on PC and forget the Xbox even exists

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I do have a preorder, but I don't care if you like the switch or not, a new Zelda and a new core 3D Mario game are more than enough reason to own it. Success or not of the system really doesn't factor in to my argument. And I don't necessarily agree, but I do understand some of the points. Nobody in this comment section appears to have the ability to see another point of view. If all we cared about was graphics we would all have PCs, but there are other factors at play in all thes...

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The sega Saturn had effing amazing graphics for its time and it was a total disaster. Graphics don't make the game fun, it's not a hard concept to grasp. The wii u had other problems granted but it had nothing to do with the points being made here

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You guys seem to mostly be missing the point of the article. I realize it sounds crazy but there are some valid points in there.

Graphics are great for about 5 minutes and then you don't even notice them anymore, but good gameplay and story are something which you can enjoy for a lot longer. For example uncharted 4 is an undeniably beautiful game, which I played through once - but it was like watching a movie - I was only in it for the story. The graphics did not inter...

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The PS4 "has a browser" but it's terrible and useless - is that any better, really? This doesn't bother me.

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I'm pretty sure the headphone jack supports microphone input as well as output, and that of the 3 USB ports, only 1 will become USB 3. This is a crappy clickbait article with no new information. What's there isn't even accurate.

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While ya definitely true that larger devices will always be more powerful than a smaller device per $, I also think that the differences between console generations is getting smaller and smaller. The switch is easily at least as powerful than the PS3, yet portable, and honestly those graphics were fine. Many games came out on ps3 and PS4 in the beginning with a much narrower margin between them than say a snes vs 64. Switch looks like a great deal to me because it offers a true point of diff...

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Dat Bugatti BOV sounds ace!

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A few thoughts - firstly I don't agree with DLC. I firmly believe that the game company should make their money from the game purchase, and if they need to charge more for content to cover costs - then it shouldn't be in the game in the first place. Making person X's game different to person Y's just because one of the two paid for extra content just ruins the balance that was designed into the game.

Secondly - when I was 11 Mortal Kombat 3 came out on SNES. I...

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Free improvements --> Complaining.

Fucking first world problems.

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Not a great sign that the "creative" part of the team is already asking for ideas...

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And if MS are "all about gamers" etc etc - how does 'more exclusives' help gamers?? Sounds like they are only interested in beating Sony and not on the GAMES.

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Can we all stop discussing minor differences in resolution please?

How about the GAMEPLAY??

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If he didn't want it given a stupid nickname then he shouldn't have given it a stupid name in the first place. Xbox 3 would have been fine, but noooo, they had to get all cheeky with "One".. Serves you right!

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Firstly Ironman 3 << Iron man 1. Fact :)
Secondly ps3 aint no "dino-gen" console, they're still unlocking more power so it's more like dvd vs bluray -
and lastly, It's the same movie either way so I'd take a dvd now vs a bluray at some undetermined time next year because this particular movie is going to be epic.

Wouldn't you?

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I couldn't give two flying fucks about resolution or polygon count. The ps3/360 era has been dragging on for so long I'm back playing handheld games and snes emulators. I just finished replaying Ocarina of Time for fucks sake. I'm seriously only interested in "fun-ness", smooth controls and longevity which this game will be maaaaaad for I'm sure of it. Plus it makes sense to release the game on the systems with the largest install base - for now at least. Anybody who...

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Who uses an actual microphone??

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