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Stop bitching about it. It doesn't benefit you

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Sony fans have no right to bitch about this. Since release date Sony fans have said plenty of classless comments since day 1. Actually both sides shouldn't take shots. Xbots and Sony fanboys should shut the fuck up about it.

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They've only had one price cut. They are deals right now. Starting Novemeber 2nd and ending sometime in December it was just a deal. Not a permanent price cut

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Kingtheash360 yea it got drilled but it did NOT effect it's score. It still got a 9 on IGN and other reviewes

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10 disagrees lol. Wow got to love this site

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Who cares

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im fine with a delay. As long as it runs smooth I'll be happy. I'm so excited for this game

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A wise person picks up both. I'm enjoying the PS4 and the Xbox One

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I only got in one match last night. Gave up now im not having any issues

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I'll get disagrees bubble downed again. But when it comes to content it owns TLOU halo has 4 games 100+ maps and Halo 5 beta. Despite some issues they can fix. I still think Halo MCC is a better deal

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I was only able to play one game last night. But now I'm getting into games easily

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Like 2.02 to make updates more stable LOL

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This was 343i....

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No idea

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See it was the gun. The 2nd and 3rd video showed the Assault Rifle with no ADS

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Go away troll. You can't judge since you don't even own an Xbox one. All I've seen you do is give Xbox One shit. So run along kid

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I've never seen people jump the gun so quick 0_o. Battlerifle already had zoom button. This could be a gun with zoom on it. The other guns like the Assault Rifle might not have it. Could be a whole new gun. SMH people are sad

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I remember the good old days when we all just enjoyed video games. Never argued or anything

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No surprise. I get down voted for being releastic about how gamers are now.

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