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I didn't think people can get this excited playing an RPG?! I'm usually calm, relaxed and quiet when playing games like this...
and don't get me started when I'm not playing but watching someone else play an RPG..ZZZZ..

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"People are never satisfied and I find that pathetic."

Lol! yeah, like my EX-GF...
On my day off work, I cleaned the house, washed all the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, fixed the dinner table, set up the christmas tree, set up the wall unit,did most of the laundry, mopped the floor, cooked dinner.... when she came back from work, she looked around the house for a second then said..

" OMG! do you have to be careless and leave your shoes infro...

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used it once to test out FFX for about 20mins. then never used it again...

After playing the GOW collection, I don't think I'll settle for upscaled ps2 games anymore. I prefer full HD remakes at 60FPS.

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yeah, I suppose.. although, I'm only half complete playing GOW1 at the moment( hd version), didn't even touch GOW2 yet, but still I tried the GOW3 demo and man, like I said, I really felt his rage and anger in that brief demo play through.
as I was ripping heads off, I was just like" damn, this guy is pissed off!! not fully sure why until I clear the first and second game.

GOW and FF7 were the only games I had a character attachment too and strangely felt what they ...

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"DMC3 and Bayonetta combat style is way deeper than GoW2's, but GoW2 overall package put that game on other level. "

I think I understand what your saying... When I played the demo for bayonetta, I found the combat system really fun and easy and just enjoyable to play overall with pretty good graphics, however the character and story didn't really captivate me much so when the demo was over, that was it, move along...

Now when I played the GOW3 demo, ri...

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Anytime I feel depressed playing games when I should be out on a saturday night, I just stop playing and watch a comedy movie instead(like mr.bean). That kinda helps a bit...

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NFS:shift, Brutal legend, NHL'10 and Dragon age were all under my rader, but since their all on sale for $39 this week, I'm probably gonna pick up at least 2 of the 4 for my pS3:)

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I'm begining to get the impression that SE is trying to make FF13 very dramatic this time... or is it just me?!

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"PS3 fanboys. I've never seen such a large group of people consumed with a company's product and even worse the destruction of it. Need lives much?"

In all honesty, I've never heard about the PS2 failure rates until a couple years ago... I still have my first PS2 for 8 years now and still going strong thats why i question ur remarks??

seriously, whats wrong with being dedicated to a Brand( SONY) thats actually reliable and high quality?? 360 fanboys, li...

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Do they not have household pets or something?!

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"How come you guys complain about it as if it's cancer, when you can just pop open your 360 and fix the problem yourselves."

Note to self... Must take electrical engineering classes when purchasing a xbox 360.

@Blaze929 "Who really cares. Expect to see the same old "sad", "wow", "thats just ridiculous", "go ps3!" comments."

Well, just to clear things up a bit, I'm a PS3 owner and frankly I agree w...

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Its a good thing I came straight to comments. So No hits for your site! fake a$$ gamers...

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wait, what?! R3 was 60fps??? weird, I got the impression that it was only 30fps when I was playing it the whole time?!... MW1-2 on the otherhand is very easy to tell that its 60fps, very smooth...

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Thank god it was just a 360...peeeeeow...
hmmm, maybe thats why he was so calm about it, very easy and cheap to replace?!

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If however, the PS3 had a tracking device(hint,hint Sony) to detect the Location of the system where abouts which therefore comes to the capturing of the robbers... Then yes! It would do just about everything.

This story does make sense cause at my house the most expensive thing to take, aside from my dinner table and soft set is my 40" LCD TV and my PS3, which is obviously the easiest things to snatch...

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"But people one here complained about Halo3, Resi5 and Gears2 playing like their previous installments... GodOW3 looks like the exact same gameplay from a generation ago just in HD... So I guess people here wont like it so its a shame "

I don't think you really understand the overall point. Those games that you mentioned are all Good games, even if they have the same overall gameplay mechanic and I won't disagree with the high scores they got... However, when reviewers gi...

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How do we know its not the wii version vs. the wii version cause the 360 version does not look HD one bit, or even upscaled for that matter?!

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Is this just his assumption?? cause after skimming through the article I might have missed the part where EPIC states that the next gears will be a MS xbox exclusive game still?!

Anyway, can't wait for GOW to come out in march on the PS3!!

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Xbox Live Is NOT Becoming Highway Robery in any way if people are still willing to pay for it. Obviously 360 owners enjoy the service so much to the point that they consider the live subscription worthwhile! so this article is pointless...
But what do I know, I only use the PSN.

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Sony: yo Valve, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish..
but GG had one of the best FPS of all time!!!... One of the best FPS games of all time!! **Gabe is shocked as [email protected]#Ked**

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