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Don't even think, breathe, eat, chew, sleep on it or even consider that! MS is what's pushing Sony to do and be better in every way!

if anything, its Nintendo who needs to combine forces with sega to balance out games for the hardcore and casuals... come to think of it, that would really give sony and ms some serious competition in terms of software!

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since when did the ps3 controller get a "B" button??

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its offical, ND is gonna make a sick a$$ game that incorperates the PS3 wands to top even wii sports!!

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"the wii says hi rite Back" LOL!

wasn't the 360 about the same price as the wii? also with a year head start?? now whats their excuse?!

oops! erased my original post...

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who is Heracles?! are we referring to the same guy--> Hercules?! or is he a different person?

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Xbox 360 had no games in 2009... was that clear enough for you??

aside from bayonetta, If it did have other good games, i would have bought a 360 by now...

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I was excited at first, but now that we can all clearly see that the 360 version is way better, im gonna skip this sorry for an excuse ps3 port and just wait for dante's inferno and gow3...

its no big deal, only just makes my decision easier to cut certain games out since i can't afford them all.

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okay, whats so good about this game anyways? I've seen videos of it and it just looks boring... Am I missing some details about this game or something? Today I ended up getting wounded dragons instead since I've been hearing how its almost like double dragon in HD and man, this game is great ol' school fun!

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LOL! sarcasm rite?!

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it would sadden me if this series doesn't come on the PS3 soon...

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"That's F'd up if Sony does that, guess i will stick to XBL, till PSN step its game up. "

I'm sorry, what!?!? your comment completely confused me?!?!
If everything stays as is on the psn except for the fact that sony's gonna charge for additional stuff most of us don't really need at the moment to enjoy online gaming still... Your going to stick with paying the xbl fee still??
dude, I really don't get what your saying?!

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Yes, I think its that great! and 23G's sounds just about rite considering how both games each filled up a dual layer dvd. Thats what? 14-15 gigs already, not to mention the extra video content and the HD visual boost.

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I don't care if your Black, Spanish, indian, white or asian. If your a flesh eating Zombie, I'm gonna shot your a$$ down!

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yeah! that means all 3 of you girl gamers out there! pay attention Lol!

@ above.... Flower

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everyone spoke english, said retarded sh1t, not sure if it was towards me but I just LOL at their comments, nothing to be taken serious about...

btw, OMG! the online for this game is amazing! not even a single hint of lag what so ever! plays as smooth as the campaign!

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OMG man! ads all over the subway, malls buildings! just insane! all that for a video game, lol!.....damn, 3 more months for us...

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I'm playing the god of war collection at the moment(freakin' awesome!), so when I played the gow3 demo, in all honesty... I was not really impressed, looks the same, just with more detail and framerate was not consistant but I'm sure the finished product will be great!

Dantes inferno was a complete ripoff of gow, but I luved it regardless! it played so smooth at 60fps! unlike bayonetta... I thought it played and looked okay,until I tried gow3 and DI. now that game just looks sl...

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I play games to get out of everyday reality and have fun doing it. like dynasty warriors for example, I feel like I made a big difference in the battlefield when I kill like 2000 enemy soliders or be able to climb like a monkey in uncharted!

As for open world games, I find them repetitive, same everything through out the game... single path games however always takes you to new places, different sceneries, gameplay, better detailed graphics and just plain more fun in my opini...

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oh just STFU!
If he said this regarding pot heads, sure I'll beleive that... But gamers?!?! come on?!...

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That shouldn't be hard to do considering every FF always has a new cast of characters and storyline...
But I always wonder if the first final fantasy game was suppose to be the first and last judging by the title and all?!....

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