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Man, all I have to say is that PS3 exclusives are really showing how outdated multiplat games look 90% of the time.

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"It was never my intentions to make the title a flamebait one. This wasn't my fault, it's the fanboys fault who are commenting on the article without reading it."

wow, you really must be taking n4g readers for idi0ts making that statement... Oh btw, I'm one of those people here who didn't read your non- intentional flambe article" Halo: Reach will own 2010 and don't overhype GOW3" simply because it tells me that your a fanboy that wants desperate hits... I c...

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"they will DEFINITELY remain exclusive too."

The eyetoy say's HI!...

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If multiplatform developers want all their games to be equal on both ps3 and 360( which is still dvd) and 360 is insisting on lasting as long as the PS3, then its quite obvious that blu-ray won't even be used at half of its capacity, let alone the whole 50g's throughout this game generation, which is unfortunate....

So I'm sure sony will be smart enough to stick with blu-ray, but with a more advanced, higher capacity blu-ray disc though.

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"can you honestly say you have been in a match where everybody had mics and was using them? In this case I must say that the 360 online greatly trumps the PS3."

Okay, let me get this straight... He thinks playing online with the 360 is better because everyone has a mic?!?! WTF?! the only time I actually talk on my mic is when my friends are online, otherwise I just stay silent & concentrate more on the game.

"Achievements are better."

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when I saw the" unreal engine logo" my first thought was that the graphics are gonna suck... and it did...
Then when I actually played the game and got about 15mins into it, I turned it off because I got drowsy, since it was boring as [email protected]

I really was hoping that they were gonna use the RE5 engine, that game IMO still has the best multiplatform graphics.

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"but when your girlfriend is going to actually want to sit back, you can easily bear in mind that the system plays DVDs too. "

BAHAHAHAH!!! omg man, that was the funniest sh1t I heard all day! Hmmm, what can I say but... The 360 has definitely Topped the gamecube in this department! future proof indeed. well, 10 years ago anyway....
oh hell, my little alarm clock plays dvd's!!! can they at least try not to embarrass themselves when defending the 360 at least?! ...

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I finally bought dragon age( my first western RPG) since it got RPG of the year on several sites... After a couple hours of playing it, I couldn't help but notice a few things that bugged the sh1t out of me!

1- the framerate was horrible! F#@Kin disgusting!
2- The graphics were so damn awful!
3- gameplay, battles were boring as hell! I swear, all I did was tap the attack button until my enemies died. I got so bored of it that I just turned it off and wondered.. Ho...

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Its quite obvious that Reach is gonna have ridiculously bigger sales,
But we all know GOW3 will be the bigger & better game hands down! and that's what really should count for gamers...

Sales are only important to me in terms of the developer sales goal being reached so that it'll motivate and finacially enable them to make a sequel.

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"To even be close, to me is quite an honour as a developer."

That rite there is Honesty and Respect! which Dice should get much props for.

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If natal is sucessful, MS will offically consider it their new console. but if it fails, they'll just call it an add-on that didn't work out...

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With the PS3 wands, combined with HDTV 3D gaming, OMG! that is gonna be as close to virtual reality as gamers can get! This is for sure taking video games to the next level!

And the best part is that we don't have to wait for the PS4! I'm sorry, but this makes natal look like a "Fat" version of eyetoy with wii-ish graphics...

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"Bungie has a good track record."

ummm, of what? one genre?? one franchise?! same sh1t over and over?? I really see no difference from halo, halo 2, halo 3, or halo odst?!
some track record.... well, I suppose if your a halo fanboy, then of course your gonna hype up reach, why? cause you probably expect the same sh1t, except maybe(hopefully) with better graphics at least.

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well, the same voice actor anyway...

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"the point is that there's no proof

"only possible on PS3" ...where's the proof "

Have you heard of this xbox 360 exclusive called "Ninja blade"?... wasn't it suppose to be a GOW/ Ninja gaiden competitor/ or Killer?? LOL! what a Joke!

that 360 exclusive can't even complete with the GOW collection! which was made last gen on the ps2, but just in HD now... so how do you expect GOW3 to run on the 360?? seriously, wake up...

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I don't want a damn first person, Final fantasy RPG shooter type of bullsh1t!!! Keep FF were it originated. end of story.

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I've nevered bought a handheld system in my life! not interested one bit really... So it amazes me to see this.

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How can you reach gaming potential when your still using what, the camecube hardware with motion controls in an HD era?!

The 360 and especially the ps3 exclusives imo are getting there no doubt about it.

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it seems like this is the lowest rated Final fantasy game so far. Then again, this is still not the english version that's being reviewed by a "Fluent" japanese speaking guy at best so maybe the score might be better when it actually releases in the states...

@above, FFX was good. FFXII however, was kinda lame. I didn't even finish it! maybe it was the crappy uninspiring character design in that one or something?! vhann was it?? Lamest FF character that I've ever see...

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Because this gameplay video looks amazing! now I'm really convinced that I have to get this game.

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