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"I'm actually very glad that FFXIII Versus is exclusive to the PS3. That way when it comes out and people see that it looks no better and is no larger than FFXIII we can put to bed this whole idea that FFXIII was adversely affected by being a multiplatform game. "

I'm quoting you just to put it in your face later when versus13 comes out and makes FF13 look outdated, due to ummm.. limitations from last gen...

anyhow, I'm getting FF13 regardless since I'm...

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I'll use flower(thats a psn exclusive game)... even that game puts this to shame, lol!

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I think the next time that Sony shows their motion controller, its gonna come out with a BANG! Jaw dropping amazing sh1t!

til then, Sony will just watch and let MS talk this'n that all they want about natal cause it's just creating more pressure on themselves not to fail in any way of many will be extremely disappointed.

I believe in the wands 100% after watching that sword & shield tech demo at E3..as for natal, not so much.

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1. If you have a game intended to appeal to hardcore gamers, market it heavily.
2. Don’t release it until the hardware is as good as everyone thinks it will be.
3. Make sure there are some excellent titles available day one when it launches.
4. Put the emphasis on subtle movements; don’t make all the games a workout.
5. If you’re going to make mini-games, make them part of a whole, greater game.

This site is always great for sh1ts'n giggles!

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F$#@Kin'son of a B!TCH! I'm not buying GT5 no more!!!** Breaks'n throws everything in the living room except the xbox 360**

Lol! J/K! who cares... Its gonna be awesome no matter what car is taken out.

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"Just look at that girl in the picture. Look at her!"

I'm looking... at the E3 video and I would so tap that a$$.

Back to subject. In the eye's of non 360 fanboys, we know that the natal tech demo was pretty pathetic, Lame, embarrassing and hilarious at times( Ricochet/ splish splash painting, lagging, you know...)

But who knows, maybe, just maybe, it actually might have improved since capcom is working on a title for it and all and since...

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"Maybe if Bungie, ownage, Turn 10, etc... actually changed their typing style instead of the 3 line in every comment, it would be less noticable. "

LOL! that was funny man.

Anyhow, Maybe they're(PD) delaying it this time to make sure it Runs perfectly smooth in complete 3D or something?!
OMG! 60fps+ 120hz HDTV!! you know how ridiculously gorgeous and even more real GT5 is gonna look on it!!??

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Didn't one article say that so much things got removed from FF13 to the point where they could of made another game out of it?!
which just makes me assume this is the only reason why the 360 runs equally as good...


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Didn't they have customizable armor in...Lol.. that 360 exclusive Ninja blade, with all those funky, bright,ugly a$$ neon coloured, colour options for your character?!

Halo reach multiplayer is gonna definitely be a rainbow-tastic battle!

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Give me a couple free redeemable codes for upcoming DLC and maybe a dead space action figure that I can dismember then put back together lol... with a wall scroll and a blu-ray version of that deadspace anime movie, since I have not seen it yet.

just a thought..

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I'm really getting sick of these top 5/10 reason list bullsh1t every damn day! enough already! I want news! not every website's top 5/10/15/20 list constantly!!

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I just looked for a 320g SATA 2.5" 5400RPM Laptop HDD on amazon for $80(samsung HDD, awesome!!!). Nowhere near as complicated as you make it seem.
Btw, I don't really know much about computers other than facebook, youtub and msn:)...

@Evrfighter.... what other console are you referring to that's also getting ripped off besides the 360 owners?!

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"More USB ports- a few more USB ports allowing for more connections to truly make it a digital centerpiece."

My PS3 has 4 usb ports and I only use one to recharge my controllers, sometimes 2 when I need to connect a mic for karaoke:)

"Full Backwards Compatibility: many gamers like to keep the games they purchase."

It's true. thats why I still have the PS2 and will keep PS3 when the PS4 comes out, even if I don't play my old game...

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It does make sense for the wii to last longer than expected if you think about it(even if its last gen graphics). With such a high user base, it would actually be dumb if nintendo suddenly announces a new system and leaves every wii owner out to dry...
The casuals don't care for HD and gaming on a new technical level, they care for wii fit/ wii sports' 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and so on!

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It almost makes me want to try this game out.... But I'm still not getting a wii...

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I don't want to have to worry about having good/ or bad internet connection all the time when wanting to play a simple game!
say I travel or move to a different location and don't have internet access for a week or two, that would mean playing games is out of the question!! f$#k that sh1t...

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I agree with the fact that developers and gamers should be more focused on the actual campaign rather than the multiplayer modes because that is the heart and soul of the game. without a great single player mode to understand the storyline and characters, what's really the point of playing then? just to get points and high ranks to prove to the world that you have no life other than gaming 24/7?!
however, Leveling up in RPG's are an exception of course.

Anyhow, there's o...

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"I agree with their point of view about 3D. Why jump full on into something that doesn't really have any significant audience?"

Why? because Sony is leading the way! Duh! CD, DVD, BLURAY and now 3DHD TV's and Games! their on a Roll man, yeah!

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Didn't really like the first one( $15 @ the bargin bin and I still didn't buy it!) and I'm most likely not gonna even pay attention to the second...

Maybe its just because I don't like FPS that much?!?

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I have a PS3, so I'm good for at least 7 more years...

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