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What the F$#@K man! that almost feels like another year wait!!! what the hell happen to "we can release the game anytime"?!?!
Damn these [email protected]$Kin delays! I'm personally beginning to loose my patients and interest...
Now I have to get NFS: shift to calm my racing urges...

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I don't really care who out sells what.... all I know is that I'm getting them both!

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I can't help but notice how 360 fanboys always seem to make comments on this game when it scores an 8 or under?? yet when its a 9 or higher.. Non of them seem to be around?! lol!

where's all the smart a$$ comments like "another solid score!" or "great score for this ps3 exclusive!"?? funny...

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I haven't even completed GTA4 yet, why? well it kinda gets repetitive and boring at times, Plus way to many other games coming out to even consider going back to it.
Further more, I don't buy DLC to begin with....

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"I think the majority of the PS3 community is a lot more mature that the XBox 360's and you find more gamers with more responsibilities like a job, spouse, kids, bills etc"

Your Rite about that, well... for me anyway.
I'm now 30 yrs. I have a Job, wife and 2 kids. So I'll be LUCKY if I even get 1-2 hrs. a day to play some PS3 games... Uncharted 2 alone took me 2 weeks to finish! dynasty warriors empire took me like 2 months to clear, so I guess that explains wh...

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that they didn't want to take the lime light off Heavy rain and MAG, yet.. Possibly waiting til the beginning of march to show new vids and info so that everyone will focus only on gow3!?

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But since it was so damn Good I just had to man up and shoot down those ugly Mutha (shut yo mouth!).

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I'm impressed. smooth frame rate, nice graphics, destructible, free roaming, fully unlockable door environments! Very Nice.
But Omg man, that machine gun is ridiculously powerful! you see the hug chucks a couple bullets take off the building wall/ ceiling! damn lol!

If GTA5 looks & Runs anything like this, then OMG!

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This game looks pretty good and all but for some reason it just looks like a TPS action/ adventure game with choices... Maybe I'm just to use to playing Final Fantasy type games??...

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"All we can say is that we at Rockstar promise to be very good to you with our releases in 2010. Please stay with us and stay tuned!”

I'm actually excited to see what they got to show for now!
I just hope they don't pull a Squeenix on us!

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Okay, so you AGREED that uncharted 2 is better than mw2 and deserves GOTY... So what was the point in mentioning this remark you made??:

"Based on what I'Ve seen on N4G and all those websites , "Multiplats" games cant be as good as a Sony exclusive title. Multiplats cant score as much as a Sony Exclusive. Thats a no no"

are you implying that the only reason he chose uncharted 2 was because he didn't want to get on the so called "sony fanb...

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Now this is pretty creative! taking their most popular franchise's and using them to battle it out in the multiplayer mode in uncharted 2!
sure mario has done this with Go-kart games and all, but this is TPS action!

I wonder if they'll get Kratos involved??

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guy#1: " Dude, I had the 1st player controller first, give it back to me now!"

guy#2: "Hey, its not my fault you had to piss..."

guy#1: " you know what.. F#@K you! I don't care, we're playing MW2 rite now so I can shot your dumba$$ between the eyes!"

Guy#2: "Bring it on B1tch!"

Oh yeah, this is gonna be an exciting tv show....

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"Not only has Tecmo Koei revealed the box art design, which appears to be noticeably darker on the PlayStation 3 version "

You know what this means rite??... Tecmo used Higher quality ink for the PS3 cover, which Obviously makes it the more superior version, Duh!
Lol!... gawd, what a pointless article...

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"Yeah but there is no multiplayer or coop mode to extend the game's shelf life."

F#@K multiplayer! If you ever played any of the GOW games before, you of all people should know that it's intended only for a single player experience...Come on bro! you should know better...

" A more accomplished player may have finished in well under my 8 hours"

what do you mean by a more accomplished player exactly?? like someone naturally good i...

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"Anyone gaming for graphics sake should get a clue and get a decent PC, wii is the console king, and PC is the graphics king. "

Wii is console king in terms of sales..Thats what you mean Rite??
Sony has the best exclusives so far and I could care less gaming on a pc.

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"I don't doubt that this can be done on the 360 but since no one has tried, it's at best a speculation whether it can be done or not."

Dude, I'm pretty sure they tried at least once after 4 years into their life cycle by now and even if they did, they still haven't even come close to 80 players, let alone 256! LOl!

I'm not the FPS type of player, but as far as I know, Resistance 2 had the most players online(60) console wise to date, unless I missed som...

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"Sony had the chance to pull off what Microsoft did with the console release of this generation (ie get out ahead of the competition) but instead they have botched it completely. "

I guess Sony isn't concerned about rushing out their products just to be ahead of the competition. Its obvious that they want their wands to work perfectly as they say and is 100% reliable on release date...

Also, maybe they have a christmas ps3 wand bundle in the works to he...

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There is no doubt that FF13 has very good graphics and I agree with you on that fact that If FF13 does end up being crap story and battle system wise, it'll be SE's fault 100%. But what I'm saying is that if versus13 comes out and blows away FF13 in every way, then yes, 360 did hold back FF13 from being what should of been versus13.

I won't deny that 360 can execute great graphics, alan wake, gears of war and RE5, etc... But just the fact that its held back by Dvd format gives ...

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I highly doubt it would be powerstone, that game might cause you to distroy ur whole living room... I would just assume megaman since it doesn't involve much movement aside from shooting and jumping.

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