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thanks for the picture links bro!

Alyson Court's pretty cute. But as for the voice actress of Jill, I'd have to say the girl that plays her in RE: apocalypse is waaaay Hotter!

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I don't know about you, but Clair redfield's voice was sexxxxy!

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"You suck even more at video games if you actually used Johnny Cage."

Oh no you did-int! I'll destroy you with Johnny Cage! bring it on biatch!! I'll ummm.. shadow kick your ass out of the damn screen! LOL!
Really, I will...

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Damn! F$#!ing capcom! Is this how you show Sony luv after all the Ps1/Ps2 years?!

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Maybe some people didn't notice my earlier sarcasm?!?

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"That excuse is very lame. If they really believed that the controls were intentional, they would have defended them from the very beginning"

So your telling me that as well as these "Amatures of GG" have crafted Killzone 2... They were unable to Resolve a small issue regarding a so-called delay of movement with the excuse that it was to create a feel of weapon weight realism???? hmmm.. sounds to me that GG are very untalented and should get tips from the cr...

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At first I have to admit, the controls were different at first, but after you get the hang of it, you'll realize that the standard controls fit perfectly for this game.
and whats with people complaining that the control lags or some sh1t like that?! I personally think it does create a sense of realism that certain guns felt heavier than others.

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Sorry but.....Bahahahah!
nothing against homos or anything, its just funny to see a site called Gaygamer...LOL.....

anyhow, is it just me, or did anybody else find flower boring and repetitive?! its getting high scores everywhere, but I'd give it a 7/10 at best....

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What the F$#!!?!? How can anyone possibly screw this up as bad as the first street fighter?! How??? Hoooooow!?!?!
For the love of the street fighter franchise, please watch the street fighter japanese animated movie along with street fighter 2V series before EVER making another version!!!

Please, get the directors of the matrix(Wachowski bros.), Peter Jackson(Lord of the rings), Michael Bay(Transformers), Quintan Tarentino(Kill bill) or someone from Japan(Azumi-sooo sick...

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"Yup i am just buying it for the Blu-Ray player. "

You know, there are blu-ray players for $250 now. So why wait for a $150 drop, then waste your money on a (roll eyes) PS3 system, Just to get one game(GT5)????!!

Thats almost Retarded.... Its like me wasting my money on a 360, just to get gears of war 2 and.....ummmm, hmmm..... what else......
well anyways, you get my point!

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Never even cared to play the first one for no more than 20mins, even though I'm a huge Capcom fan, but after watching the trailer for lost planet 2 with the 4 player co-op an all, its starting to look pretty SICK! So they better not be making no Bullsh1t PS3 Port!

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If Sony wasn't in the gaming world, I would probably still be supporting the Sega dreamcast cause I know for a fact that the dreamcast kills the PS1 & most PS2 games graphically and overall game play.
I'd say Sega use to be the most innovative towards technology, look at their first attempt, the Sega CD(trash it may be, but added new format for video games), then there was the Sega saturn that build upon the Sega cd( Good, but not great) and finally the DReamCast!( Excellent hardwa...

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I can picture it now.... Resistance 3 with killzone 2 graphics!!! which means, by by Halo...

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@miasma thanks bro,

the winner of the paintball Home tournament wins credit to buy home stuff I guess?! even a bigger reason to play in home.

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You know what would make Home sick as F$#K and actually attract Hardcore gamers???... If they created a home space based on a first person shooter theme, where your avatar goes into First person view/ or stay in third person( whatever fits you best) and have a free for all Gun battle, capture the flag, whatever multi-player mode you prefer! and considering that Home is for everyone, It could be as harmless as a FPS paintball match or something.
Think about it... dress your avatar in w...

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"Proof that God of War III won't hit in 2009"

What are you? a Lawyer?!... "I find Sony guilty for Delaying a potentially Great game til' 2010! but won't admit to it! so therefore,
shell be sentenced to MicroPrison for a year with no further contact with their first party developers!!!" LOL!

Who gives a Damn! just as long as the game turns out as Awesome as we all expect, I think I can manage to survive a few more months without playing ...

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"some of the best and realistic online games ever made have never graced the likes of a console. "

Boo hoo! My heart aches sooooo much.... Its just unfortunate that I don't give a sh1t! about PC games...( tear drop)
As much as I love my PC, I still find it stupid how people compare
Console games( mainly PS3) to PC?!
Crysis( works great on high end pc's) while Killzone 2( works well with umm..The PS3 console?!...)
I guess PS3 owners should b...

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I still can't understand as to why the media goes after video games as the cause of death/ murder still?!

I grew up playing violent video games such as mortal kombat all the way to MK:Armageddon, GTA series, manhunt to dead space. So its quite obvious that I love grusome, bloody violent video games and yet, I have never had the thought or urge to ever uppercut someones head off, slit his/her throat, dismember someones limbs or just give a stab at them. Not at all. hell, I can't...

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"The ps3 cant do much in my experience, i am sitting behind a pc that blows it out of the water.
So how am i supposed to be impressed by something that does not even equal my 360 ? "

What?! huh?! something that can't even equal to your 360?! shouldn't it be the other way around?! or Did I miss something? or did you not read the article based on the abilities of the PS3? I can speak for almost everyone here when I say that "I too, have a PC/ or Mac". ...

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"360 fanboys bought the original Xbox with out owning any of the previous consoles and just tend to stick to one brand and don't feel like they should pay so much money for a console that is not there first choice but I think when the price drops on the PS3 allot of people that do not have a PS3 will be picking one up."

So your telling me that 360 owners/fanboys dislike the PS3 due to the higher price... I can understand what your saying, but at the same time if thats...

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