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I think square is just covering up the fact the the PS3 version really is the superior out of the two, mainly in hopes that they can sell equally as well on the 360.

I mean, think about it. They've been focusing development on the ps3 first, then porting to the 360, which is extreamly good imo compared to "other multiplat dev" focusing on the 360 version first, thus causing F#@K ups like orangebox, fear, bayonetta and Lost content(capcom)on the ps3 version when we all...

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But, It's not that bad guys!!! come on now! the reason we bought and paid more for a blu-ray player was to watch dvd's upscaled on HDTV's!
actually using & watching a blu-ray movie will just make dvd's look outdated and we can't have that now can we!?!? .....:(

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Your crazy man! RE4 was awesome as [email protected]! that and RE2 are the best in the series... Although, comparing that to the GOW series seems a little odd considering I don't see any similarities aside from them both being action.

But, yeah, from what I've seen and heard so far. GOW3 will most likely be GOTY if it's even a little bit better than gow1-2.

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I luv the alien vs. predator concept and all, but when I seen that its now a FPS, it completely turned me off...
I personally liked the arcade version back in the days where it was like a final fight/ streets of rage type of game.

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All the FF games that I played so far seem quite linear to me imo..
sure most RPG's allow you to roam from town to town,, but in the end, you can't advance unless you go to where you have to be in order to continue the story right?! I'd consider that Linear, but just with delays in between.

Let's see.. prototype, infamous, RF:gorilla, GTA4 all open world, all take place in the same location through out the entire game, how you enjoy that, beats me cause frankly, I find t...

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You know, Dante's inferno is actually good imo. looks and runs really well at 60fps and all...
But I can't help but notice that the cgi cut scenes in that game are pretty much the gameplay graphics of GOW3?!

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"We will see a big boost in a few weeks when FFXIII comes out in USA on 360 as the Japanese can then import it"

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!........BAH AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! aaahh.. dude, you just made my day...

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OMG! and that was waaaay back in my younger days!
well, I guess that explains why the dreamcast died... unfortunately.

as for FF12... Damn! a $48 million dollar budget and the main character ends up looking like a H0m0.....

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"it's easiest to assume that disc space was the cause of the cut content"

Fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me...
At first I was like, [email protected]#$Kin 360! always holding us back and sh1t. but now that Super SF4 and RE5 SE is coming out... On one DVD disc still! its quite clear that capcom is Really, really, reaLLY F#@king us over with this DLC bullsh1t!.... man, I use to admire their work too...:(

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I've always been a RE fan, so I'll definitely be getting is DLC.

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""The development team created the PS3 version first, of course, but they didn’t alter the content at all in order to bring it to the 360."

That rite there is enough to convince me that the PS3 version will be great! and that's all I really care about in the end...

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when it showed the green field with trees, I was like, hmm.. Looks pretty good!.... But to compare this to KZ2 graphics, na-aww...

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Actually, I think insomnia is rite because I played dead space on a sony 120hz lcd tv and it was definitely running at, at least 60fps. It was just gorgeous to look at in motion.

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But with Killzone 3, COD7, Resistance 3 and Metro... there is definitely gonna be some serious 2010 FPS competition for GOTY!

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OMG... If this is true and I see it with my own eyes, I'm Gonna be soooo F$$Kin' dissapointed in the PS3!!! This version should top the 360 in every possible aspect of the game. If both versions are equal, then thats all good too.

But I swear, this better be bullsh1t, otherwise, I'm jumping ship and heading to the world of alan wake.

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1. let me carry more than 2 Guns.

2. How about some huge ugly mutated helgast(cause by not wearing their gas mask???) for more variety in enemies...

3. Longer campaign

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360 FF13 is still the way to go B1tches! Lol!... haaaah, I crack myself up sometimes...

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So basically, I'm guessing nintendo is gonna go Blu-ray, 3D like the PS3??

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This game looks better than anything square enix has released so far this gen...

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now tell me... Do you think that people will still hate him as much? since now, he would almost look like every other gaming journalist/ blogger out there craving for hits, just with hip hop flavor.
people can say that they already looked pass his skin colour, but I still say bullsh1t.

I swear, there are more haters watching & commenting on his show then this actual fans and thats pretty pathetic...
If you don't like, move ON! and stop hating him for doing wha...

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