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@familyguy, thanks for the link bro!

OH MY G0D!!!! GOW3 looks so Ridiculously F#@KIN' AMAZING!!! :o
it just took out killzone 2 and uncharted 2 Graphically and technically!! WOW!!! the whole game looks cgi!!!

I was gonna wait a a couple months before buying it, but [email protected]*K that sh1t! I'm buying this baby first day!

here's the video link again:

Don't put that Halo blu-ray disc in the PS3!! it might be infected with the RROD! lol, I kid, I kid...

but seriously though... I don't care for it.

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"we do see the first titles for being very similar in design: fun, simple and family orientated."

In other words, we're(MS) completely focused on the casual players and since wii is able to sell sh1t games on their system, then why can't we?!
afterall, I don't think the hardcore 360 fanbase will mind just as long as we Toss some Halo here, some expansion packs there! and BAM! we(MS) are good baby yeah!

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okay the, how about the same uncharted action, but with a side of RPG elements ;), you know.. like mass effect 2.

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ND should make an RPG game... If you played it and explored the "village" you would know why I think they should.

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I bought the PS1 because I heard that it was the console with the best games in all genre's. So when the PS2 and PS3 came out, it was just a matter of "when" I'll be purchasing them, since I knew that the quality(of hardware) and quantity(of Games) was already there.

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Some people don't care, some do a little and some people are just extreamely "passionate" and nit-picky about everything. sure, you wanna tell them to STFU at times, but its no reason to Label as that because without them, we probably wouldn't have as much rights as we do now.

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from dates of releases to which platform a certain game is on, never rely on them... unless you wanna know something about movies.
personal experience.

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I'm glad that next gen consoles aren't coming anytime soon cause for one, I don't have the money to fork up another $400-$500.

secondly, the PS3 is not even close to being maxed out yet, not to mention the fact that I don't get much play time and feel like I just got the system a few months ago when its actually been 2 yrs. now.... weird huh...

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" Oh, and there’s practically no load times too, and no install. "

yippy-ki-yay-mutha F#@Ker!!

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I bought it(ps3) thinking that it was good with all the positive reviews and all and OMG! WTF! it's maybe because I'm a graphics wh0re or something but my first couple hrs. of playing this game was a struggle man!! the sh1t frame rate drops and graphics were just making my eyes bleed.... I was lucky enough to trade it for AC2 a few days later.

FF13 makes this game look like a ps2 title. but if who ever company made this game could of... and should of made the PS3 version more o...

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my only advice is to never play a game after having sex.... man, that was the first and last time I pulled that sh1t! lol!

@Mar, Lol! that was good dawg!

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I want this game for some reason?! man, I really hope they have shinobi as one of their hidden characters!

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Are these comparisons trying to convince people to buy the 360 version as well or something?!
people who have a ps3 will get it on the ps3 period. 360 only owners will get it there for their system.
Both camps are happy, end of story!! cause this is nothing compared to the bayonetta fiasco.

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“I hope you guys won’t miss the CG, I know I don’t miss it. The current cutscenes make the game feel more unified and flows from story to action better IMO.”

CG is so last gen....

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good going Square... This is what happens when you focus all your attention on the more powerful console first! Hahaha!... PS3, no installs rite??:)

but seriously... 18.34g's!!!?? gawd damn, ps3 install's ain't got sh1t on this!

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I think it Looks and will probably be graphically the best "RPG" on the "360" this gen...

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Isn't the xbox's life source practically Halo?? so I'd say its a no brainer that the next halo game will be introduced with the next gen xbox 720( or whatever its called) for the sake of a successive launch against wii 2 and ps4.

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@Idlelee "You mean like how Sony has been showing God of War 3, KillZone 2, Heavy Rain and Gran Turismo 5 in ages?"

well for what its worth, Sony delivered exactly what they claimed and showed back then didn't they?!

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