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Isn't it obvious?! the PS3 is giving the competition a head start to make the console wars more exciting! after being on Top for 2 gens and untouchable, it does get a little boring at times ya know!

why not let MS & nintendo show their best projects first, so that way we(PS3) can actually push ourselves to be even better than ever!
Bring out GOW3 as a sample of what's to come!

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"the game is a visual masterpiece that does not suffer from any technical short-comings; never a bad texture, jagged edge, or a tear in the screen – it’s solid, smooth, and as sharp as the blades Kratos himself uses"

yup. that sounds like the score itself. 10/10.
btw, bungie is a [email protected]! seriously! this is what he said on the site:

"This game is GodOW 2.0.1 , jaggies glitches and freezes , bad game"
wow, unbelievable... I really ...

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I think your missing the point on what he's trying to say...
Multiplatform games will only be pushed to the limit of what the weakest console can handle this generation...
That is the trend & mentality of most developers these days. its all about the money and less about what they can get out of each console.

Its not the 360 holding the ps3 back, its the dev. themselves doing it on purpose when they can clearly make the PS3 version much better, but that might ...

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I don't think his sense of humour goes well with GOW3... But This guy's voice goes well with this commercial.

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It gets the same score because he's judging it as a gamer. The overall experience is nearly identical gameplay wise( can't really tell the difference when in Battles), so if there's no technical issues to affect your gameplay( like bayonetta) then there is really no need to deduct points when the only difference is just the cut-scenes/ CGI videos.

Thats pretty understandable, unlike bayonetta on ps3 which Looks garbage in every way compared to the 360 version...
Just loo...

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I use to subscribe to 1UP/EGM mags way back in the PS1 days and their review are usually spot on towards what is a good game and why...
plus, I don't think there bias in any way like game pro cause their actually real gamers reviewing games. Having said that, I'm definitely getting FF13 because for 1. I'm a big fan of the FF series. 2nd. a sony console don't feel complete without them.

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Never. Ever. Make a Final fantasy game multi-platform again!!!
speaking of which, FFvs13 is probably gonna butcher this game in every way.

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"Just read the IW complaint vs kotick and atvi. Sickening and heartbreaking. I hope you guys bury that piece of sh1t kotick."

LOL! I just luv the sound of sh1t & kotick in the same sentence...

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For the first time, I'm actually interested in a socom game since it it now has a 12 hrs. single player campaign, which is a plus because it's practically double the play time of most FPS out there.

never was really an online multiplayer type of guy, so this added story into the mix could definitely lure me into the series, just as long as the graphics are up to standard like other PS3 exclusives;)
yes, I'm a graphics whore ever since Killzone 2...

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although, I can't help but still feel skeptical at the same time considering that this "10" is coming from Ign, even though I know GOW3 deserves it from what I've seen already;)

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"Sorry you had to do something else for 24 hours."

LOL! no worries K.Bultler, I was busy reading the hundred's of "PS3 is doom again!" articles..

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1- Killzone 2 introduced next Gen graphics.

2- Uncharted 2 is forcing all developers to step their game up.

3- GOW3 is telling DEv. that the PS3 is the only way to accomplish the first two steps.

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This game is [email protected]#Kin' incredible!!! I can't believe that all that was actual gameplay and not cgi!!!

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well, there are quite a bit of hints to this conclusion... we have the ps slim, ps2 slim, psp slim, ps3 slim... me and all the people I know who own a ps3 are pretty fit and slim, okay, maybe except for one guy, he's pretty chubby & most of that fat went to his Face, its probably because he's online with MW2 12hrs. a day, everyday...

what was I saying!?! oh yeah, yes! Sony hates fat people!

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sit the F#@K down and please shut-up!... please shut up!.. thank you.

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Dragon age was garbage on the console versions, which was a huge disappointment for me, gawd awful framerate and graphics as well as the lame character customization....

I hope their next game will be well made like ME2 at least.

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"Or maybe the tech demo we saw for the Sony arc is the exact same game that will come out, just stick figures. Get a life."

stick figures?! are we talking about the awesome sword and shield tech demo with the arc?? I'll be honest with you, sony could release what they showed at E3, which was perfectly responsive and had graphic equally, er.. no better than natal's demo, sell it and I'd buy it still... why? cause sony PROVED that the arc actually works.

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Nothing I've seen or played so far can top this game graphically, technically or any other way.. and yes, even crysis;)


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