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Like virtual boy and the 32X...
and I'm not saying it because I'm biased cause I even think that the eyetoy was a flop, but with the combination of the sony wand it looks more promising.

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chris looks like a Dominatrix in that gaya$$ outfit...

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Game of the Year

- Assassin’s Creed 2
- Batman: Arkham Asylum ( Killzone 2 should be here!!!)
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
- Left 4 Dead ( Resident evil 5 should be here!!!)
- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (This should win)

Studio of the Year

- Infinity Ward
- Naughty Dog
- Rocksteady Studios ( should be Gorilla games)
- Valve (WTF?!?! insert CAPCOM)

Best Shooter


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which brought me to this article... Sony sweating?? LOL!


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I can't even enjoy the video...

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activision has what? call of duty and guitar hero( which I've yet to play), while all their other games are just garbage...

EA now on the other hand really improved in quality and are making some excellent new IP's so far, Dead space and Dante's inferno to name a couple.

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Capcom to me is still the best and most consistent(360,ps3 games look, play identical) multiplatform developer so far in terms of quality and fun factor.

-devil may cry 4
-lost planet 2
-dead rising 2
-Dark void

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I usually check out their other reviews of previous games to see weather or not we're on the same page...

"There is no nice way of saying this, but MW2 is painfully short."

This I definitely agree with. I can't stand short campaigns, since I'm still not into that online multiplayer stuff... so okay, 8/10 is agreeable because of that reason alone, otherwise i'd give it a 9.0-9.5/10 if it were 12-15hrs.

But Killzone 2's review... Brutal, a litt...

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It it weren't a big of a deal to them, why did they even mention it on their daily fix wrap-up video?? I'd say thats going out of their way to cover up don't you think?? if they denied it to that extent, couldn't they just add or deduct 1 point to prove that they aren't liars...


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Did GT really say that MW2 graphics could only be matched with uncharted 2?! LOL! OMG. I am really disappointed... it even got a higher score than UC2 as well?!WTF, that is retarded.

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"Can I move while aiming."

That never really bothered me, hell I barely move while aiming playing uncharted 2...
anyhow, I'm glad its DLC cause I don't plan on buying another copy.

and another thing.. why did they make Jill look so ugly in RE5?? cause she was pretty hot in RE3: nemisis

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Ign daily quick fix video was denying how they didn't even review the game yet and the score was false, yet they rate the final game the exact same as the rumor glitch(9.5)?? LOL! kinda makes them look dumb now.

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"Why are United States citizens so ashamed of sex should be the real question"

I don't think their ashamed of sex, just the inappropriate age range Having sex. I mean, seriously, 14-16 yrs. old getting pregnant and sh1t is just so wrong... Kids having children, yeah, I'd be ashamed of my country as well...

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I think its the other way around, if you Don't want sex, get a wife.

If you wanna Bang 2-4 a day, get a girlfriend.... or mess around with an ex you get along with(Like what I'm doing:)).

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"they have more important things to do, like protect the citizens from the real threats out there"

Lol! who?? Cops?? LMFAO!!! oh man, that is the funniest JOKE I heard all day! I live in ottawa ontario in canada, pretty quiet town compared to Toronto, not that much crime occurs, just here and there like most towns and cities... Although, in ottawa there is a huge amount of cops patrolling most areas of the city, maybe its because its the capital of canada or something...

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The character runs weird in Third person view...

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"MW2 is all about urban warfare that's why you got the small maps ,with lots of house and places to hide .URBAN WARFARE "

I'm pretty sure that when it comes to warfare, there are no invisible walls or restrictions as to where you can go when your in a war zone.." yo! don't go pass that house man, we're in an urban war zone! keep within head shot range!"

and all this time I thought "Modern" meant "current" or "up to dat...

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"I hope one day you really need the Police and they take their sweet time coming to your aide. People like you disgust me."

Actually, that did happen one time, matter of fact, I got there answering machine, left a message and those Pigs didn't show up or even responded for that matter...
So if you don't know my issues with the cops pulling me over for no reason all the time or don't even involve me committing any type of crime in general... I suggest you shut y...

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This is the only game/ collection I'm excited for until next year.

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Lets ask Sony what they think of this Kotick guy shall we??

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