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If my 4 year old daughter loves me more than anything, then I definitely don't feel like a terrible parent even though I let her play GTA4...
Her first time playing it, she was driving around shotting people, lol! so I go "hunny, you shouldn't shot innocent people like that, its not Nice. you should only shot the bad people that try to hurt you"

then a few minutes later when I walked by again, she goes" Look daddy! see I'm not shotting an...

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as soon as I get my New 60" 120hz sharp hdtv in a couple months, I'm definitely going to Replay this game again!

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No, unfortunately my ex-wife does until I get an offical devoirce:O

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That makes no sense?! you want to pay for short game because you have a job and 2 boys?! WTF?
I have 2 kids as well, which means bigger holes in my pocket appear consistently. so even though I only have an hour or two to play games, I'd still prefer longer games 10hrs.+. why? simple. I at least get my moneys worth and saves me a lot of money in which is spent on my family, instead of wasting more of it on another game cause I finished the last one in 5hrs... the longer, the better. ...

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me and my 4 yrs. old daughter play Resident evil 5 together. we have a blast playing it together! she knows that its only a game, zombies don't really exist and she knows how to cooperate as well as help me out when a zombie grabs me.

all I hear when playing is "daddy, help me the zombie got me!" "thanks for helping daddy!"
so cute:)

I also wanted to prove her mom & the media wrong for the fact that video games do not promote viole...

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"What if you want to kick in a game? how do you do that? Tie 2 move controllers to your feet? Awesome"

LMFAO!! your funny... but seriously though, since when did gamers wanna raise their feet and "KICK" in a video game?? did I miss something over the years?!

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I can't believe you even brought up lag issues, when you know clearly well that natal laaaags waaaaay beyond this game....

@above. Really?! you can do all of that stuff now without distorting your avatar?! BAM! thats ggggreat!... but I'll need to see it.

@captain_obvious. It was a very minor, slight lag that you could barely notice unless you paid extreame close attention, you know, like 360 fanboys on multiplats and their pixel counts.

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in order to achieve what they have with GOW3... but yeah, regardless it is still impressive for their first title on the ps3. steady frame rate, no glitch or screen tearing at all! amazing.
I'm sure insomniac, ND & GG are gonna go full throttle with their next games to go on par, or even top GOW3!

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hmmm.. I wonder what the average score for GOW3 would be if it was on the 360??? would the media even metion bayonetta still? lol, I doubt it.

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okay, I definitely was not aware that people actually thought the ps1/ps2 could be on par with the pc back then. their games were good, but not that good...

But as far as the PS4 goes, i still believe that it will be on par with pc games. just look at uncharted 2 & GOW3 right now! I have yet to see a game like that on a pc. Now how about naming a few games on pc that can compete with these games gameplay wise as well as visually & technically so i can check them out. ...

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I don't know about you all, but I have 2 pc's & 2 laptops at home and non of them are for gaming... out of 90 people and friends I know that have pc's, there's like only 3 who actually play pc games, while everyone else either has a wii, ps3 or 360.

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"shhh grownups are talking"

OOOh, my apologies. I wasn't aware grown-ups talk like you:/
I mistook you for a 360(with a side of PC) Fanboy... ooop!

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since when did 360 owners ask for blu-ray?! thats ridiculous... and even If they did, I'm sure they would have a PS3 by now;)

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"PS. Just got home with my 360 FFXIII copy! =) "

Hahaha!!! sorry man, that just sounds to funny! I couldn't resist laughing for some reason?!?! anyhow, enjoy;)

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"It's been obvious since 2005 that Xbox owners buy lots of games. 360 owners are more like game collectors and they buy more than the PS3 and PC combined."

Dude, I'll give you that one, LOL! I have a social Life and things to do outside of gaming then to have all this time to buy and play a Lot of video games like you 360 owners.

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A FPS that has more sales on the 360!?!?! GTF ooooutta here.....

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"If you were to compare these in terms of pc settings the ps3 would be at medium (high reserved for pc) and the 360 version would be at low "

Oh please man, shut the [email protected]#K up!! we don't give a sh1t about the Damn PC for crying out loud!... This is between 360 & PS3(Consoles!!!). we know which one is superior. end of story.

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you don't really notice much difference until you look at it in 720p, in which I didn't at first cause I was to lazy to click on each link....

But this one particular pic made everything all so obvious.

as long as they don't reveal the ending, nothing can ruin this game for me.

what do they make really?! FPS after FPS?!!
I don't care much for them and besides, there's like a dozen of them coming out this year anyways for PS3 owners who do like their FPS...

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