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Yes please!! Sony.. I want to get mine without a problem or having to wait..
and I have a feeling that even then it will be very hard to get one on the first month..

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dude PC fanboys will not accept it get over it!
alfred molina hear look similar quality to the ones on quanti dreams games beyond two souls is prove of it! plus others games had similar models not the same level but good enough ..
so it means PS3 tech demo quality showed was used in game.

and QD old guy is actually and i bet in this a already model been used by next gen david cage game and we will not have to wait 5 years to see something that good this next t...

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p gamer don't even are about real games, facebook and wow type of games is all they play..
the other pc gamers the "hardcore" the 1% who have high end pc's only care only about graphics but all they do is run tech demos and play WOW type of games lol and this is a fact..

and the real p gamers also own a PS3 and will own a PS4 and don't troll it.
some een own a PS3 and will own a PS4 but never accept how cool is to own one.

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they actually aim to show what gamer's knew as fps they did not show nothing new to not scare the gamers and make them feel familiar to what they know..
there are many new things and different levels In KZSF, decisions and different game play forms.. they just show a 8min level..
and in it you could see many next gen features but with the classic FPS gameplay to please the FPS fans..and make them want the game.

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99% of pc gamers are playing facebook games or WOW.. there is only "1%" who has high end pc's and are avid real gamers ..
and yes if you play WOW or silly games like or or games in facebook you are not a gamer you are a casual "nerd." on the same level of those who only play on the smart phones $1 or free "games"

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when will you stop troling everything the PLAYSTATION does?
even when the PS4 is pushing the gaming industry by amazing tech and games that look far superior than anything on PC, you can't still accept that sinple fact..
And yes PC will catch up and pass it after few years but the PS4 was first, cheaper and better supported and it will improve to in future years and by the time Pc start getting better the PS5 will come and make the PC gamers like you cry again.. instead ...

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yes i meant pace and i did not meant to be rude..
I like this kind of videos but some how there was like a weird sound "echo" beside your voice.. that makes it hard to fallow and understand.
take care and have a good sunday!

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cellphone play games you figure it out! Albert A.

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not much.. just go and check videos about the Illuminati and Masons on how they control the world right know and how everything start and you will get a moe deep true history behind AC..

AC suks
AC2 was fun! god! thanks to Kojima helping
the rest just sucks or where w/e
I have not play any after AC2 but one explain how they assassin mayor powerful people to influence and take their power, how they start controlling the "banks" and other stu...

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with this..

the PS4 has no chance.. kinect seem so fun!

I will like to play that! And I don't mean the game XD

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better sound.. next time pls
is hard to fallow you
and a better paste at speaking will be welcome to

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in other words

inside their mind, "f#$% PS4 will dominate and if we don't gain some PS4 fan's we will be left behind since kinect2.0 fans are to casual to visit the web for video game news"
"Sorry Sony we have been bad, forgive us!"

lol losers.. no shame here.

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KILLZONE 2 4K 120fps XD
I will buy that day zero..

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KILLZONE 2 song <3

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that good news! I hope FIFA goes to KONAMI!
they deserve it!!

I love Sony but sport should be played by anyone not only one console..
I will love if Konami goes exclusive o P and PS4 but is not fair for other gamers..

FIFA should go for a third party plus i bet fifa force whoever has their license to make the game for every console possible including cell phones and Sony or M$ can't do that.

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/6 is working on a PS4 game..
SOCOM Confrontation 2?

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nice read!

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Actually runs at 60fps and we don't know if is 1080p but more likely it's ..that or more nothing less.
And yes it look way ahead C3 on a high end PC.. stop been a fanboy and or check your eyes if you can't see it after that check your brain .. KZSF gameplay demo may have damage it.

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I understand you point but why will you want to play those games when you can play PS4 games in it?
Let the Sony devs focus on new tech.. you can play them on your vita anyways.. I think sony is doing the right move here.. the vita does not need exclusive games it need to bring the PlayStation experience on the go and they are doing that for the first time!

I will get a vita now, soon.. unless you have to pay extra for this feature"gaikai" or "remote pl...

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the even that happen in that level may have been the first terrorist attack in the could war.. but I bet few years will pass from that and the main campaign will be 30 years after from KZ3.

you have to check the KILLZONE FORUMS
GG have a great campaign under their hands if is done right!
you job will be to keep peace between the helghast and vektans who are in a cold war after helghast was destroyed and they are divided between a huge wall showed in the traile...

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