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OMG... Skyrim has "BUGS", it's a "TOTAL FAILURE".

LOL... I forgot how immature this site is. I have been playing games long before many of you were in diapers, and I have never, ever come across a game that doesn't contain multiple bugs. My goss, Skyrim is a huge game and no developer on the planet will ever get ever bug in a game, or I would have to listen to all you yapping about how long the game is taking.

Skyrim is a great...

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Yeap, the my old PS3 and 360 are really showing their age. When the best is Gears 3 and KZ3 in terms of graphics, time for the consoles to retire.

BF 3 graphics are something that the next generation consoles should do easily, a first generation title. This should be exciting for console users, not a let down.

Learn to progress...

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Yep, PC easily FTW!!! Heck... you could run crysis 1 on the nintendo DS if you wanted too, might not look very good in comparision.

I am sure my PS3 could run Crysis 1 decently, sort of like Killzone 3 graphics quality wise, but it won't touch my PC.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Mass Effect 3
Witcher 2

And Shogun 2: Total War has already been released. Quite happy with just those games this year.

The writers list... well, not that impressive except for Skyrim.

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Yes, this obviously is a joke article. But even though the writer is making fun of PC elitists, his joke is the truth.

Consoles are limiting PC games in terms of graphics. If the best console have or will soon have is Killzone 3 and Gear 3, this is and will be a big disappointment for the next few years.

Technology is supposed to progress, not stagnate with old and out of date consoles. For those of you who find this insulting to your cherrished piece of o...

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Are you folks kidding me...???

This generation need a new console release within the next 2 years...

The graphics limitations of "BOTH" the PS3 and 360 are really getting boring and brutal.

The stinkin consoles are getting "WELL" past due date, and we need way better graphics then what we are getting right now. This generation is stinking of "OLD".

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Great adventure game for "One" person, can't see how this can compete or be good in a multiplayer game.

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Read dem and Weep... PC for the win....

Crysis 2 for the PC, easily mops both 360 and PS3 graphics right into the dirty bucket...

Old tech doesn't stand a chance!!!

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OMG... What an immature article... and this gets approved??? I wasted 1.07 minutes of my life reading this crap when I can read the exact same crap on the "Comments" sections of N4G???

Hey, I like my PS3, and I like my 360, but this is nothing but goofy silly fanboys crap, and is pathetic. Really people, get a life...

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Again, another stupid silly fanboy article, and all these silly fanboys putting in their 2 cents worth of "Opinion" when they haven't played the final version of the game.

LOL to silly fanboys...

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Yawn... until the actual game is spinning in my friends PS3 and not mine, because I will be getting the vastly superior version on the PC, will I decide if it beats KZ3 in graphics for my old PS3 or 360.

Until then, all you that have already decided are plain and simple "IDIOTS". ROTFLOL for IDIOTS!!!

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Quote from article: "We often have at least ten times as much horsepower as an Xbox 360 or a PS3 in a high-end graphics card"

I have said before, if console gaming wasn't so popular, the graphics that we have today like Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 would look ancient, like a Wii game today.

Consoles stunt graphic progression by its old and fixed specs. Cheap laptops with intergrated graphics now have more power than both the old PS3 and old 360. <...

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I like getting more of my hardware, but the amount of updates on my PS3 gets very tiresome.

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Having a kick ass PC along with the PS3 and 360, I can never see myself getting crysis 2 for either of the consoles, PC gaming FTW...

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I can't get the article to load... oh well, anytime I can diss that sack of turd obama, I will....

DA2 sold its soul like pimple puss obama, it's all rigged folks. Get with the times....

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Gaming that just can't be done on a console....

Total War games I hope never cross the boundry of the inferior consoles.

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Bahahahaha!!! We have one word that discribes what you just said. "Eugenics".

Spoken like a true Eugenisist, don't have children, your destroying the earth, we get what we deserve, kill yourself to save the planet, your a virus.... Blah Blah Blah...

Heard it all before with the Nazi's, now I hear it with the greenie's and politicians.

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The Wii really needs a hardware boost, are a huge price cut. There is no way in the world that I would ever pay $200 for a piece of hardware that is equivalant to 10yr old hardware. The Wii should be price about $70 to $100 bucks, tops.

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