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we all see value differently. the value of anything can be justified by how much you want the other features that particular item offers. this article is no more than someone's opinion and that can be argued endlessly.

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if you want to stream to your television buy a dam DVI cable and plug it into your TV. Why would you bother to even go to all of the trouble to stream from a PC to your console to your TV? I fail to see the benefit. Are you honestly too lazy to open the file on your PC and play it? The sound card on your PC probably plugs right in to your surround with an RCA pigtail too. wtf..

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Just curious, do these standards you speak of apply to the Quality Assurance department at Microsoft? Maybe you can be a character witness in the class action lawsuit against MS and Bungie claiming Halo and the XBOX are totally incomopatible and therefore useless.

Take your propaganda back to the XBOX section and stop trolling. You're not even challenging to mock.

Off you go now, the grown ups are trying to talk.

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the best EA game is Ma.., no wait, the best EA game is Fif.., no wait, the best EA game is.. aww sh!t nevermind.

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wrong post. :(

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How very reassuring..

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If you don't think so then you're still using Windows 95 and driving a model T. All systems update, it's required to keep them operating at a decent speed. Even code degrades over time as changes are implemented to any system. Arguing that point is just stupid.

I bought the 600 dollar PS when it first came out and I don't regret it at all. I'm not a fanboy, I wanted the system so I bought it. XBOX has some cool games that's I'd love to play, but I don't think either system is ...

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But I've been streaming video from my PC to my TV for ages by plugging in an S video cable. The sound from the PC goes into teh same receiver that my PS3 goes into. I couldn't care less if I have DivX support on my PS, I have the codec on my PC where it belongs. If I want more resolution it's just a matter of changing to a DVI interface from my video card. Where is all of the excitement coming from on this topic?

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your village called, they want their idiot back.

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The first A51 was a great game. Too bad, I was kinda looking forward to this one too. I also heard the online support for this one is next to nothing.

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I use mine for a doorstop, it keeps my window propped open in the summertime and my girlfriend used it as additional weight on the phonebook when she presses flowers. The uses are almost endless.

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Another 2 years of crappy frame rate issue, glitch infested Madden ports. Go get em EA!

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Some loudmouth probably has some obnoxious kid(s) at home, that refuses to punish them, that blames the teachers, the police, the neighborhood and now video games because they decided to go rob a store or shoot some other kid or take a gun to school decides to take her out of touch with current events self to some press release and convince another ill-informed moron that Resident Evil made her little spawn of satan do what he did and not her lack of parenting strikes again.


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Probotector; you are obviously an expert on all things PS3 or other console related and I'm sure everyone here lives just to read your opinion. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you came over here to troll a PS3 thread again. One may ask, "why is probotector always on the threads bashing the PS3"? Is it because your lunchbox360 is broken again? Is it because your a closet PS fan? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now get out of here until you come up with something ...

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there are plenty of functional games out or coming out soon that work on my PS3. Try Harder.

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Can't wait!

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There is a huge problem right now with people quitting games to keep their score high. They have the same problem on Resistance, to the point that Insomniac had to implement a penalty system for the quitters. People are so wrapped up in k/d ratio that every time they get beat they quit. It's a huge joke to see some noob with a 3.0 k/d that leaves every time you shoot him. If they can find a way to show quits / PS quits on the tag then I'm all for it. Reward the players that actually play the ...

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you are not the only one. I couldn't care less about this. In game XMB and messaging would be fantastic.

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I can see the differences in languages all over EU holding some releases back, (official reason I'm told) but I see no valid point for not releasing UK games the same day as the US. I'm pretty sure you guys can speak English.

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