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I have to sit at work for 4 more hours before I can go play. Got it at lunchtime today. First time for UT for me so I'll be noobing it up all weekend :)

Beat COD4, Beat Ratchet, Beat Resistance and now this is next. Just reading the weapons and vehicles in teh brochure is too sweet - The Redeemer - "even your least effective soldiers will earn a respectable bodycount witht this tactical nuclear device".

Effin A I can't wait to go home today and start to...

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Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah attach rate blah blah blah blah blah 360 is God blah blah blah blah blah PS3 is losing console war blah blah blah blah blah blah not as good as Forza blah blah.

STFU and go away Marty.

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I didn't even notice she had a head.
Well said - bubbles for you.

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Did you hear that Bloodmask? What has the world come to?
Edit* and 3d - your little rant is exactly what the author of this thread is getting at. At the very least make an effort with your insults. A few less periods, a few more commas and a few more hours in English class mmmkkkaaayy? Thanks...

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I'm as guilty as most when it comes to throwing a dig at someone that's obviously trying to say something stupid, but when it's all said and done being a blind fanboy is as pointless as saying "my herpes is better than your gonorrhea".

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This year from EA games!! Madden 2015 - Vick's comeback tour! now with realistic NFL draft!

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what does he care how I spend my time? if I stay in on Friday or Saturday night instead of blowing a hundred dollars at the bar that makes me a bad person? Am I shooting up my office?

Fix the problems in your own house Father pedophile.
Piss off.

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their a huge company and they will undoubtably have some departments that struggle from time to time, but overall they are a fantastically successful business. Be glad they're an American company in a time when so many of them are outsourcing.

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If a game gets a 10/10, it costs 100 dollars (or the top of allowable pricing) if it gets a 5/10, then the highest it should be allowed to charge is 50% of the max price of a game. I know it'll never happen, but if something like this was implemented then the scales of quality would be forced to rise or devs wouldn't make money.

This would have to all be based on an unbiased, unaffilliated review panel, or a floating panel of gamers, something like that.


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If you really enjoy a game you'll buy the maps that release for it. I'm sure they had no trouble selling these.

I've bought Resistance map packs twice and will gladly pay for COD4 maps as they come out.

As for unbalnaced weapons in COD I think you are totally wrong, any weapon you have is very capable of killing someone. The M16 is very powerfull, but you can't afford to miss with it. BTW - the G3 takes 2 shots to kill, so it's technically "more" power...

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waiting for the Trojans to leap out of the horse....

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stop spewing crap that you heard someone else say or write and trying to pawn it off as your own independant thoughts. Go irritate someone else with your mindless babble. You "no games" argument is pointless anymore.

Edit - bubble for you Mighty

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omg you stupid bot! ask Steve Jobs where Bill Gates got his original code from. Close your mouth noob, you're embarassing yourself.

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But please bear in mind that there really is no "wrong" choice for a console. all of them have good points and bad, you make a purchase based on which of the good is more important to you. all consoles have exclusives and strive to be the #1 brand. there really is no bad choice this generation, regardless of what opinions are. Failing to see the benefits of any console make you a fanboy. The Wii is selling huge because it hits to a very broad audience. PS and XBOX have a hardcore fa...

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Why do you fight so hard for your one console? Does my owning a PS3 affect you at all? Do you really lay awake at night hoping for the downfall of the Wii? Are you so loyal to your XBOX that you can't see the benefit in anything else? Fanboys (all fanboys btw) are the most narrow minded people on this planet. Competition makes all of our consoles better. The only people that care about console sales are the owners of those companies. Congratulations, your mentality just made Bill gates anothe...

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to cause any real problems. We all know because we read the gaming news on the web and watch G4. The majority of the public that goes and buys their kids games for the holidays has no idea this ever happened. This will blow over in 2 weeks and they'll make some BS corporate announcement about their policy on reviews and then it will go right back to the way it was.

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and I ran into a bunch of the Insomniac guys in a ranked game. I bet they look at a lot of the other online games to compare them and see strengths/weaknesses. Back to topic - No one likes to hear that their effort is cr4p though. You also have to wonder how tied these guys hands really are. You might have a brilliant developer that has no creative freedom to put out a great game beacause they're tied down by budget / management / time constraints. I really doubt anyone puts out junk on purpo...

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Does anyone else still watch the Simpsons? Dark Sniper is the guy that runs the comic book store... "Worst Ending Ever".

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they should make a list of the top ten channels that actually play music videos.

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a normal comment from you. Have a bubble.

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