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yes you are correct. no split screen online.
check the forums at and get all the info and skins and updates you could ever want. leaderboards are there too.

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see up here, ^^ where I typed in bold type that my question was slightly off topic? that means that it was a question, but not on the original topic. so thank you for playing thread police, correcting me on something I stated earlier was off topic and still not answering the question.

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COD4 has had huge issues on the PSN everyday around dinnertime (5 pm EST) to 7pm or so with connectivity problems and the inabilty to find games. Are you X guys having the same problem? The IW forum is pretty much useless for info.
Sorry to hear about your Christmas problems. It sux.

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loved the demo. the DJ is kinda dumb but w/e it doesn't affect the game play in any way. the crash physics were sweet too. I'll buy this.

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and if he was here I'd t-bag him.

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I bought a PS3 because I like some of the titles. I liked the technology and I liked Sony from my PS2 days. I have no personal bad feelings towards Microsoft, they marketed Halo beautifully and the sales showed.

Saying that the users on XBOX or the users on PSN are older or more mature or better educated is the most pointless argument you can make. You have no real idea, so shut up with that.

There has been squat for advertising for most of these games. We know...

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"today's guests - kids who bought Haze and then turned into teen prostitutes after they injected themselves with the pen/syringe"

Que the trailer park single parent saying they have no control over their little demon seed that sits home playing video games 22 hours a day and threatens them with a tantrum if the parent tries to turn off the system.

meanwhile right now, Zhuk is formulating a rant on why M$ will have a better syringe...

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this guy is such an a$$clown. our tax dollars at work ladies and gentlemen...

love my country, hate my government.

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you got a disagree for posting the results of the article. that's what you get for trying.

Have bubbles on me for the effort...

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the Wii sells well because of it's price point and a fantastic marketing campaign. saying it's last gen has no relevance because it was still the most asked for gift this past Christmas. call yourself a "hardcore gamer" all you want, it's crushing everything in it's path and shows no signs of stopping. it's fun to play and it's awesome at parties becasue anyone can pick it up and play it. PS3 and XBOX take some getting used to and can be pretty frustrating when you first start to le...

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KZ 2
Resistance 2

My year will be complete.
Happy new year to all of you gamers.

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best thing I've seen here in a week.

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Chalk another one up to natural selection.

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I haven't had a chance to play it, but eveything I've seen has been impressive.

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but I'm betting there is a lampshade made from human skin somewhere in his home.

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get back on your medication.

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"A shot at love with Telia Tequila" - the game.

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Evil Zhuk, classic. Bubbles for you.

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Hope you enjoy it.

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