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you're fooling yourself if you think for one moment that the government isn't interested in controlling you.

we've let this country be taken over by a lunatic and his sidekick and he's running it with what's left of his twisted little mind.

half of the world hates us and the other half is watching to see what the next disaster we incite will be.
I love America. I love having the freedom to express my opinion and I have the utmost respect to my countries ...

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this isn't news.
How do you think he controls Zhuk?

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regardless of whether or not it's on your console of choice, can only further gaming for all of us.

I don't have an xbox or play Halo, but I see this as a very good step.

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More quaters went into that machine than my student loan fund.

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I am a huge KZ fan. Played the campaign countless times, played online for a solid year and a half until resistance came out.

I honestly cannot wait for this game, but to argue both sides of it, it's been 3 years now. Sony owns GG and we still have no set release and a few vids and a handfull of screen shots. Insomniac is churning out trend setting games at a rate of 1 per year with no problems.

I say wtf Guerilla, get with the program and get us a game. This one...

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two words my friend: fat girls.
they will put anything in their mouths. :)

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and it begins again. welcome to Monday.

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Yeah you're right. It's too bad the 360 doesn't offer any grammar software.

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well well, look at the irony... an xbot saying "just wait till this comes out" .

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That's because you're an a$$clown. Now go put your purple armor on and get out of here you obnoxious little troll.

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What's that phrase I'm looking for??


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<<puts on flameproof suit and makes popcorn>>

Here we go again...

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This has been an awesome newsweek for PS3.
Keep it coming.

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Cool, if the servers could handle over 45 people online at a time we'd have a game.

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the Insomniacs have yet to fail to deliver for the PS3. RFOM was awesome (it has in game xmb friends list btw) a regular friends list, 2 map packs now, squad based or open chat, a create a clan feature, ignore list, mute function.. in short is has all of the features we all ask for in every other game. Not to mention Insomniac has an open forum, downloadable skins (free) and has had at least a half dozen updates to the game based on user feedback.

Check out the Insom website to...

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don't worry,
we'll be able to enjoy this on the PS4 I'm sure... ;)

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PSN has the same problems. It diesn't matter what color the other people in the game are, there's always one. Usually a stupid little kid that says something to get it started or insists on playing awful music through the headset because they think we "enjoy" it.

I actuall try to keep my mic symbol from lighting up when this starts so the other players know it's not me talking sh1t.

There needs to be a rule implemented: you can say anything you like to ...

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you have got to be kidding. we're still going on about the slave trade? were you a slave? did I own slaves? no to both. in my own opinion, which you are free to disagree with, a lot of the problem is that whites are constanly being told how racist they are for every single thing that happens in this country. I play online, I hear racist comments from every walk of life, from every race. the internet is anonymous, therefore people are a lot more likely to say something rude as there are no rea...

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